25 October 2011

GasoDildo, Monkeys And Richard Branson

Having had My head all up in horse's asses masquerading as medical school administration and accreditation officials, I find Myself in the need of catching up on certain topics that whiffed by as SJBullshitters and LCMEBackstabbers played shitball with some Our medical students.

And yes, My vocabulary has gone to potty over the past two weeks.

Item The First: Over 200,000 of My Brethren are fraudulently receiving free phone service. I think I'm in the majority of My People when, upon reading that headline, I thought: Only 200,000? The subsidy, obviously meant for the very poor and the elderly who live on a meager fixed income, became a boondoggle for morally-inept intermediaries and bare-faced liars. (And there I go again, talking about the SJBullshitters and the LCMEBackstabbers! Damn My multi-laned super-expressway no-speed-limit mind!)

There will be, of course, an investigation, and We can expect that, oh, about 20,000 of those riding the airwaves free will be dropped from the list. But the pattern that emerges is: Something "free" offered, it gains traction, attracts "players" who become "agents" extending the "free," greedy bastards get into the "free," there's a "discovery," fru-fru ado, a few greedy bastards get dropped and the scheme gets more lucrative for the "player-agents." Watch the pattern emerge, if you can stomach it.

Item The Second: From the venerably-senile Washington Post comes the news that "hundreds of non-native monkeys" have been eliminated in southwest Puerto Rico. Okay, good start. First because it's about non-native monkeys, seeing as how Our only native monkeys are in government and media, with a small sickly tribe of them trying to run a medical school under the bossiness of a non-native addled ape. Second, it's about My part of the Island. And third, because it highlights the serious danger these monkeys pose to Our local economy and health. And for those with brain PETAchiae, shut up. Yes, the monkeys didn't ask to be brought here, but unless you're willing to pay to have them all captured and sent back "home," shut up. The sooner We eliminate all the monkeys, the better. And the non-native ones, as well.

Item The Third: From the venerably-senescent New York Times comes the "news" that the GasoDildo has plenty of critics. Really. It actually does, from the home-owners who are about to get raped in the expropriation process to the environmentalists who rightly point out that a 93-mile gas pipeline is fucking ridiculous and dangerous to the Army Corps of Engineers who keep saying "No, you can't build the GasoDildo any way you want, you have to actually build the damn thing." The subtext: No, you can't simply take the money and run, you have to actually make an effort to steal it.

Will the GasoDildo save Us money on Our electrical bills? Probably. Our electrical bills will most likely go down, seeing as how they are artificially-inflated right now. But there's costs and then there's costs: what the GasoDildo represents is a huge widespread cost to Our economy, integrity and well-being versus a tiny individual cost reduction. To be blunt: do you want Us all screwed for a "savings" of a few dollars a month? I certainly don't know about you, but I'm not a whore...much less a cheap one.

Item The Fourth:  U.S. of part of A. Education Arne Duncan was here, eyeing the macabre state of (mis)education We have. Pretty much coinciding with his visit, We all learned that the local Education Secretary was stealing electricity, the same charge (pun intended) that cost the Executive Director of the Power Authority his job. Yes, government """"leaders"""" stealing electricity, which means We ol' common folk have to pay more, thus KY Jellying the way to a GasoDildo gang-rape/brazen theft, which in terms of getting screwed by hypocrites and liars does have some parallels with the SJBullshitters and the LCMEBackstabbers.

Where the hell was I? Oh. Arne Duncan. Comes down here and prosletizes that We must "de-politicize" Our education department. Really. He is absolutely right, for We have had it (or should have had it) with a system that changes direction every time it changes color, with one party eliminating what the previous party did because it was there and jamming the whole latrine with even more turds.

But. (Near-pun intended.)

Duncan represents the epitome of politization of education. Education in the U.S. of part of A. system is a State responsibility, and since the 1980s, the Federal government has been encroaching and invading that responsibility, using money to literally buy into, if not outright bribe, state education systems. No Child Left Behind has been a disaster, seeking to impose one standard across all states, in exchange for billions of dollars.

And what "state" has the largest dependence on federal education funds? Puerto Rico.

Duncan, before you waft mouth-farts as if your soapbox placed you on high, shut the fuck up and actually dismantle the problem first. Yes, We have a problem and We've had it since 1968, but you came here to preserve the status quo, not change it. That makes you part of the problem.

Item The Fifth: Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson's corporate crown jewel, was born in Puerto Rico. Go ahead, read about it, and note the implied lessons for Us: (1) Rather than bitch and moan about his ploght, he took direct, practical action in an imaginative way; (2) He had the resources to do so, but if not, he would have negotiated and sold his way to them and (3) He created an offer that was fair and still led to profit.

Imagination, thinking big rather than small, looking beyond himself and his id, hard work, seizing an opportunity creatively rather than greedily, believing in himself... Richard Branson is a rare individual, not because of his character, but because he has used his character to make big things happen. But make no mistake: character comes first.

In Puerto Rico, We act like success creates character. We have got it so wrong.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Update: 26 October 2011: "Hidden" expropriations and lies going on with the GasoDildo in Utuado. Who do We have to shoot?]

23 October 2011

SJB & LCME: Silence = Greed & Cowardice

From a Comment left on My very long "Bitch-Slapping Brugal, SJBullshitters And The LCME" post, just below this one:

Anonymous said... 

Absolutely, the whole steering committee for preparation for the LCME visit had to know as of at least June 13, 2010: 

Alvaro Perez 
Marta Garcia 
Shirley Valentin 
Sandra Chinapen 

ALL of the DEANS and likely more characters..

My response: Okay, they must have known. Looking at the situation, the LCME comes to the SJB in April, in a surprise visit directly-related to the Hospital's bankruptcy, pushes hard on the SJB to show its mettle (note the level and breadth of information requested), comes back with a hard-hitting Report (not yet revealed in public...yet) that suggests that the SJB's accreditation is seriously at risk and a letter to that effect--withdrawal--from the LCME to the SJB goes out June 13th. An appeals process is now a certainty.

Given this situation, wouldn't it stand to reason that:

A) Anyone directly involved in dealing with the LCME visit would want to know--or seek to find out--where the SJB stood after the visit?

B) That Brugal, no matter how incompetent or competent (chuckle...giggle...ROFLMAO) she may be, would HAVE to notify somebody and get other SJB personnel involved in fighting the withdrawal, and that the best allies for that defense would be the same people whose jobs it was to present the basic case and fight hard to save their jobs? (Note: NOT "help the students": SAVE THEIR JOBS.)

C) That the SJB--and the LCME--each adhering to their own convenient "best interests," ended up effectively CONSPIRING AGAINST THE STUDENTS, in essence, hiding behind "confidentiality" when that so-called "right" consistently and deliberately exposed the students they "swear" they serve to a chaotic situation that the students could have CHOSEN to avoid?

It is safe to say that the SJB imposed a very strict code of silence on their personnel to keep the SJBullshitters from being exposed as a pack of incompetent failures. It's certain that the employees--key and ancillary--were told that if they stepped out of line and told anyone about the SJB's situation, their jobs would be at stake.

But here's the thing: their jobs were at stake anyway. The SJBSOM had lost its accreditation and was very close to losing it for several years, a devastating blow that undermined every program they offered, if not directly, then indirectly by being painted as a school that wasn't up to LCME standards. The expected result of this accreditation loss would be a huge drop in registered students, possibly killing their new Nursing and Public Health programs. The SJB was in grave danger: and the students were deliberately not told.

Was the SJB required to tell them? Not according to LCME Procedures, for there are no guidelines about what a school is required to do or say when withdrawal of accreditation is decided.

However. How-motherfucking-ever...

On page 17 of the Rules of Procedures documents specifies that:

Any program placed on probation must promptly notify all enrolled students, those newly accepted for enrollment, and those seeking enrollment, of this accreditation status; failure to do so may result in withdrawal of accreditation.

That is for probation, a status that the LCME says allows the following: "Programs placed on probation retain their accredited status with all of the rights and privileges conveyed by such status... (Rules of Procedures, page 17; emphasis Mine.)

So let Me get this clear: A school placed on probation--where essentially NOTHING fucking changes--HAS to, is FORCED to, is REQUIRED to, is OBLIGATED and COMPELLED by the LCME to tell every student, enrolled or prospective, that the school is on LCME probation...but a school slammed with LOSS OF ACCREDITATION, under LCME Rules of Procedures, has NO requirement, NO obligation and is NOT forced to tell any-fucking-body?

And this is how a responsible organization """protects""" students? Really? Motherfucking REALLY??

Fuck the LCME and the horse's ass Rules of Procedures they rode roughshod over the students with.

Did the SJBullshitters fail, in a multiplicity of ways, including not being honest and responsible with students? Hell yeah, and We're going to find out much more; I guarantee it.

Did the LCME play coy with its own self-defined mission of """protecting""" students? Hell fucking yeah. Slapping a warning on a medical school to "shape up or ship out" merits a clarion call to students, but a decision that wrecks academic plans, maligns careers, wrecks budgets and hurts the students more than it could EVER fucking hurt the school is treated like "don't mention it" gossip?

SJBullshitters "followed orders," the infamous Nuremberg defense, though the crime here was mere selfishness and greed.

The LCME followed "rules" that were obviously flawed and in direct denial to a "responsiblity for a greater good." There's no need to label that attitude and behavior with a 20th-century label, because from time immemorial it's been called craven cowardice.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

21 October 2011

Bitch-Slapping Yocasta Brugal, The SJBullshitters And The LCME

Here's what I said about the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine losing its accreditation on October 3rd: that it was the result of negligence and incompetence; furthermore, that Yocasta Brugal and the School's administration was lying.

As I posted yesterday: I was fucking right. On all counts. And more.

I could be pedantic and insufferable and even more condescending than I have been with these idiots by defining the simple terms I used. So I will:

            negligence  Noun: (1) Failure to take proper care in doing something. (2) Failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury to another.

            incompetence  Noun: (1) not possessing the necessary ability, skill, etc. to do or carry out a task; incapable. (2) marked by lack of ability, skill, etc.

            lie  Noun:  (1) a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood. (2) something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture. (3) an inaccurate or false statement. 

On October12th, the SJBullshitters filed a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief from the loss of accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME; due for their own bitch-slap further ahead). As reported by Me in News Is My Business, Judge Gustavo Gelpi of the U.S. District Court in San Juan postponed the decision until October 31st,directing both parties (School and LCME) to invite amicus curiae (friends of the court) to provide briefs concerning the potential impact of granting or denying the injunctive relief on health care and medical education.

That decision, made public on the 20th, provided access to documents related to the case. Although some 20 documents were filed by the LCME in its plea for rejection of the injunctive relief, only two are needed to prove Me right on all counts. The first is listed as Case 3:11-cv-02014-GAG, Document 33, with filename15913217945.pdf, the 44-page LCME Response. I'll quote it as "LR" with the case page number included.

The second is Case3:11-cv-02014-GAG, Document 33-20, with filename 15913217965.pdf, a 12-page document titled "Exhibit Q." I'll quote it as "EQ" with case page number.

Here We go.

The LCME stated in its October 3rd letter to Yocasta Brugal MenDacious that the withdrawal of accreditation was due to "inadequate clinical resources." 

The School, in its public and very limited utterings about this devastating decision, said it was "shocked" at this result. Waffling and wasting time, their petition for injunctive relief, though, was based on the following three points (LR p.28):

            (1) That the LCME failed to provide SJB adequate notice and opportunity to be heard concerning the specific accreditation standards cited by the LCME in withdrawing accreditation;
            (2) That the SJB should have been afforded an opportunity to cure any deficiencies prior to withdrawal of its accreditation; and
            (3) That the LCME denied SJB its “fundamental right” to an unbiased decision maker by appointing a current LCME member to the independent appeals panel.

Point 1A: What accreditation standards, besides "inadequate clinical resources," were used to come to the accreditation withdrawal decision?

Quoting Me, concerning the Survey Report (Exhibit L in the case; not in hand...yet) and the SJBullshitter's refusal to make it public:

"The Report has not been released--and will not be for now--because the Report proves that the SJB was most likely negligent and possibly incompetent in dealing with the LCME's findings, thus leading to the sudden fulminating loss of accreditation."

In a nutshell, the Report found deficiencies in USMLE results (licensing exams), the SJB's income profile and yes, "inadequate medical resources," with far-reaching implications.

About the USMLE results, the LCME found that "Between the 2008 and 2010 academic years, the first-time pass rate of SJB students on Step Two of the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) dropped from 94% to 71%, whereas the national pass rate for that period was over 95%. The first-time pass rate of SJB’s students on Step One declined from 33% to 32% over the same period, as compared to the national average exceeding 90%." (LR, p.2)

Furthermore, "(T)he LCME cited the precipitous decline in percentage of students who passed Step Two of the USMLE, which tests for clinical knowledge and skills – from 94% in 2008 to just 71% in 2010, compared to the national average of 95% and above throughout the time period." (LR, p.20)

More data about these deficiencies are found in EQ page 9, with the LCME citing the "downward trend" as a sign of a "precipitous" drop in education quality. In brief, the SJB was not preparing its students to be anywhere near passing range on the very basic licensing exams all U.S.-accredited medical students must pass. The School knew this, for medical schools are judged on this very aspect (rightly or wrongly, it's part of the rules of the game) and follow-ups in 2008 and 2009 by the LCME made this a key concern. To pretend otherwise, as Yocasta Brugal MenDacious and the SJBullshitters have done, is ludicrous. Or stupid. Especially when the published LCME's Rules of Procedures, that the SJBullshitters knew about since at least 2007, (see below) state: 

[R]apid and precipitous deterioration in the quality of an educational program may be sufficient grounds for withdrawal of accreditation, whether or not a limited visit or probationary period had preceded the decision to withdraw accreditation. (Quoted in LR p.35 & EQ p.2).

The SJBullshitters lied.

The SJB's income profile was also a major concern for the LCME. As noted in EQ page 8, the average private medical school relies about 4% on tuition for its operational budgets. The SJB was deemed to have a reliance of 70%. From EQ page 9:

Comments: As noted, the number of enrolled students (and visiting students) put pressure on the already stressed clinical resources of the institution. The medical school is heavily dependent on tuition as a revenue source. Data provided by the institution (pages 18-21) showed very limited support from grants and contracts (less than $100,000), no revenue from a practice plan, and no revenue from gifts and endowments. Visiting students contributed significant revenue ($172,000 in 2010-2011, as stated in the survey report).

Those additional foreign students were also a finding against the SJB by the LCME, as admitting them exceeded a 10% increase in the number of 3rd-year students, a change the SJB was supposed to notify the LCME about and didn't. (LR p.3 & p.18). The SJBullshitters claimed that they may have "misinterpreted" the rule, saying that the 10%+ increase didn't happen in one semester, but over an academic year. 

But. The whole core of the LCME's case against the SJB was its very limited clinical resources. As We shall see, the SJB knew it was on a razor's edge with these critical educational resources. How bad was it? One example suffices, from LR page 2:

The lack of such resources was dramatic. Thus, for example, a student at SJB can be expected to have on average no more than 6 surgical experiences during a 12-week surgical rotation – as opposed to an average of 15-75 experiences during such rotations at other LCME-accredited schools.

SJB students were getting 60-1,200% less experience than the average medical student elsewhere, and yet the SJB went ahead and placed an even greater load upon their very limited clinical resources, to the extent of denying their own students access to clerkships and experience in order to take in monies from outsiders. In the words of the LCME (LR p.19):

Specifically, the LCME found that the addition of eight students in the third year class reflected a violation of ER-3 in that “[p]ressure for institutional self-financing [had] compromise[d] the educational mission of the medical education program [and] cause[d] it to enroll more medical students than its total resources can accommodate.

The SJBullshitters were negligent.

Now for the big tumor.  The San Juan Bautista Hospital is affiliated with the SJBSOM and serves as its primary clinical resource, but it does not own or operate it as such (Exhibit N, p.3; in hand.). The SJB likes to boast that it is the only medical school in Puerto Rico with such an arrangement. The LCME's increased interest in the Hospital and its effect on the School began in October 2010, as indicated in LR page 14:

In October of 2010, the LCME learned that the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority had threatened to shut off power to the Medical Center because the utility claimed that the Medical Center owed more than $21 million in unpaid electric power bills.

The LCME requested a report on this situation; the SJB submitted its report on December 13, 2010. (LR p.14)

As the electric bill and other problems (cash flow, labor, services, safety) piled up in the Hospital, the SJBullshitters decided to "protect" the Hospital by declaring bankruptcy. Even though the Hospital was and is the key component in the School's clinical education services, here's what happened:

On March 24, 2011, the LCME learned from press reports that the Medical Center had filed for bankruptcy on March 18, 2011. (LR p.14) [Emphasis Mine].

Although nearly a week had elapsed since the filing, the LCME received no notice from SJB of the bankruptcy of its principal teaching hospital. (LR p.15) [Emphasis Mine.]

            negligence  Noun: (1) failure to take proper care in doing something.
            incompetence  Noun: (1) not possessing the necessary ability, skill, etc. to do or carry out a task; incapable.
            lie  Noun: (2) something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture. In this case, lying by omission.

How crucial was the Hospital? From LR page 17:

The decline in occupancy was most dramatic in the areas of pediatrics and surgery, for which SJB relies on the Medical Center to provide “almost all of the pediatric experience and approximately half of the surgical experience” for its students.

Even if SJB students had participated in each of the 211 surgeries that took place, students would have had, on average, just six surgical experiences during their rotation at the Medical Center. Id. That figure is vastly below the 15 to 75 surgical experiences per rotation that medical students have, on average, at other LCME-accredited schools. Id. Likewise, it would appear that, on average, each SJB student on the inpatient pediatric rotation would have available approximately 2 to 3 patients – while students at other LCME-accredited schools would be able to select from 12 to 18 active pediatric cases and be the primary care-giver to 3 to 6 hospitalized children at any given time.

From another part of LR, page 25:

Moreover, even these dismal figures fail to account for the fact that SJB students had to share the School’s scant clinical resources with 7 to 23 visiting students who paid the School to join rotations.

In short, the SJBullshitters played fast and loose with what amounted to at least 40-45% of their clinical education resources when they had no room to spare. They were trying to cover a king-sized bed with barely queen-sized sheets--and then they cut the sheets almost in half.

And how do these findings tie together: The LCME explains, LR page 8:

A medical school whose clinical program offers too few patient encounters or too few teaching physicians (ER-6), because it has admitted too many students (ER-1) due to pressure to finance the school through tuition payments (ER-3), will leave its students unskilled in the practice of medicine and poorly prepared to succeed on the USMLE (ED-11 and ED-15).

Too few patient encounters, too few teaching physicians, over-reliance on tuition payments leading to taking in "outside" students for cash flow, thus reducing patient encounters and experiences for all students resulting in decreased pass rates on the USMLEs. The whole SJBullshitters fiasco wrapped in a neat shit taco shoved down their students' throats.

Point 1B: How much notice, if any, was provided by the LCME to the SJB?

I'll cut to the chase. From LR page 2:

SJB was given a fair opportunity to set forth its position. The initial decision to withdraw accreditation – based on the facts set forth in paragraphs 2-4 and many others – was conveyed to SJB by letter of June 13, 2011. [Emphasis Mine.]

June. 13th.

While some 250+ students were already enrolled. While a new class of first-year students were being wooed into the SJBullshitters Lounge. While the whole fucking ball of fetid earwax known as the administration and Trustees of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine fiddled and faddled, the SJBullshitters were aware--at every moment for almost four fucking months--that their accreditation was for all intents and purposes, gone. And they didn't day a fucking word about it.

But Yocasta Brugal MenDacious and the SJBullshitters cried--literally--that this was simply unbelievable. From page 3 of the LR, proof that they lied...brazenly:

As part of its accreditation, the President and Dean of SJB, Yocasta Brugal Mena, M.D., signed a Letter Agreement with LCME on June 15, 2007 expressly agreeing as follows: “I further acknowledge and expressly agree that the LCME may revoke or withdraw the program’s accreditation, place the program on probation, or take any other action deemed appropriate by the LCME, at any time, if the LCME continues to have strong concerns regarding the program’s ability to comply with LCME accreditation standards, or determines that the program is not in full compliance with the terms and conditions of this letter.”  In other words, SJB explicitly consented to the withdrawal of its accreditation “at any time” if “LCME continues to have strong concerns regarding [SJB’s] ability to comply with LCME accreditation standards. [Emphasis Mine.]

And furthermore, from the same Letter Agreement, signed by Brugal and quoted in LR page 12:

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary that may be stated in the LCME’s published materials, including but not limited to its policy document Rules of Procedure, I agree that the above terms and conditions are acceptable and enforceable. I further acknowledge and expressly agree that the LCME may revoke or withdraw the program’s accreditation, place the program on probation, or take any other action deemed appropriate by the LCME, at any time, if the LCME continues to have strong concerns regarding the program’s ability to comply with LCME accreditation standards, or determines that the program is not in full compliance with the terms and conditions of this letter. [Emphasis Mine].

Yocasta Brugal MenDacious signed that letter, almost four years to the day before the loss of accreditation. Could she have forgotten about it? Yes, if she was mentally incompetent, an alcoholic, drug abuser, severely-concussed, disease-addled, amnesiac, senile or a willfully stupid dunce. If she was any of those, then what was she doing running a medical school? If she isn't any of these, and simply forgot, then she is demonstrably incompetent and the SJBullshitters around her equally so, and negligent as well. And if Yocasta Brugal MenDacious didn't forget this Letter Agreement, then her saying she was "shocked" at the decision is a fucking barefaced lie. The only way she could be "shocked" is if her grasp of reality is so tenuous as to be practically non-existent...in which case, she should have resigned or been kicked out long ago.

The Letter Agreement also contains an additional salient indication fully applicable to this situation (LR p.13):

Accreditation is awarded to the program of medical education based on a judgment of appropriate balance between student enrollment and the total resources of the institution, including faculty, physical facilities, and the            operating budget. If there are plans to significantly modify the educational program, or if there is to be a substantial change in student enrollment or in the resources of the institution so that the balance is distorted, the LCME expects to receive prior notice of the proposed change. Substantial changes may lead to re-evaluation of the program's accreditation by the LCME. [Emphasis Mine].

Now why is all this so significant? Well, for one, the SJBSOM's accreditation was not granted outright, but on appeal (LR p.12). The LCME's decision was overturned by an Appeals Panel, but the situation was so borderline, the LCME placed a restriction of only four years on the term of accreditation and presented the Letter Agreement to Yocasta Brugal MenDacious. The ground rules were set then, accreditation was always under review, but more so in 2011 (when the original term was close to expiring) and the SJBullshitters failed miserably to live up to the required standards.

As the LCME states (LR p.27):

Thus, by its own admission, SJB knew that it remained under close scrutiny and that its accreditation could be withdrawn “at any time,” including as a result of the April 2011 site visit. If SJB believed otherwise, the fault lies with it, not the LCME.

As for Points 2 and 3 of the SJB's injunctive relief defense, Let's dismiss them quickly, shall We?

Point 2: That the SJB needed time to correct the deficiencies before the withdrawal of accreditation. Simple question: what the fuck were the last four years for? Rehearsal? From June 15th, 2007, the SJB was put on notice and acknowledged such notice, that it was being judged continuously. Toss the Hospital you rely on for clinical resources into bankruptcy, strain those same limited resources in a rush for cash (and parenthetically: Why doesn't the SJB get as much federal funds, or any kind of funds, as other private medical schools? Hmm?), thus undermining the students you are supposed to serve and after screwing up a 30-year march to accreditation in 4 years, you want more fucking time?! For what? Your Swiss bank retirement accounts? Just say you don't have any: We'll """""believe""""" you.

Point 3: That the decision was biased against the SJB because there was a current LCME member to the independent appeals panel. First of all, the three-person panel voted unanimously to uphold the withdrawal of accreditation. So one vote didn't matter at all (simple majority was enough.) The person in question, Linda Golodner, was the public member of the Appeals Panel and had no prior connection to the Review, the Survey Report or the SJB in any way (LR p.37). The LCME's Procedures do not forbid her participation on the panel (LR p.38). There was no possible conflict of interest (LR p.39) for she also was only able to base her decision on the information presented at the appeal, i.e., she had no prior knowledge of the SJB's situation (LR p.37).

If anything, this made Ms. Golodner the truest acid test of whether the LCME proved its case or the SJB did, based solely on the merits of the information presented. How this person could be deemed biased against the SJB would have to include the other two Panel members as well.

More SJBullshit.

There's plenty more to dissect, but the overall proof is overwhelming: I was fucking right. Yocasta Brugal MenDacious and the SJBullshitters Horde lied to the students and employees, were negligent in their duties and responsibilities to meet the LCME's standards and acted with rampant incompetence in ways that have been shown and in many ways that will be revealed (financial malfeasance, anyone?)


The LCME stated, in public and in private communication with the SJB students, that their role also incudes protecting them. Here is their version of this responsibility, from LR page 43, where they ask Judge Gelpi to uphold their withdrawal of accreditation and deny the SJB injunctive relief from that decision:

"Even if SJB and its students have been harmed to some degree by the loss of accreditation, the balance – as Judge Garcia Gregory rightly recognized – weighs in favor of the accreditation organization and the public interest."

This self-serving smarmy mouth-fart makes the LCME a hypocritical bag of horseshit. They bring to mind the vile doublespeak exemplified by "We had to destroy the village in order to save it." 

Did the SJB deserve to have its accreditation yanked? Certainly. But did the LCME properly fulfill its role as "protector of students" by not forcing the SJB to announce what was going on, or by not providing some sort of warning system to alert students that their time, money, effort and talent could be shat upon by its own decision? Fuck no, they didn't.

As a good friend pointed out: maybe not hypocritical...maybe disingenuous. Okay, Let's try that:

            disingenuous  Adjective: Not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does. Synonyms: insincere - false - devious - hollow-hearted

Ah, Good Friend, good call. The LCME was not candid, pretended to know less than what it knew to avoid upholding a reasonable interpretation of their self-stated responsibility to the students. Fuck the LCME as well, then. For after all, they seem to have forgotten the very basis of the physician's role: First do no harm.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

20 October 2011

Memo to Yocasta Brugal: I Was Right

Dt: 20 October 2011 

Re: The San Juan Bautista School of Medicine and its president/dean Yocasta Brugal

Four posts; thousands of words and My accusation that the SJB and Brugal were lying and negligent, thus precipitating the loss of accreditation of the School: I was right.

Let Me emphasize that: I. Was. FUCKING. Right.

Action Item: Proof on the way, in this forum and any other I can cajole, beg, plead, wheedle or convince should expose Brugal and the other shitheads who fucked 270+ students by shitting on their dreams, aspirations and career choices out of sheer incompetence and proven negligence.

Action Item: For all you pusillanimous airheads who have a nascent thought--your first--that I'm somehow incorrect or out of line: Prove Me wrong. In English or Spanish, bitches. I dare you.

Conclusion: I. Was. FUCKING. Right. For what it's worth.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

17 October 2011

Thievery Cover-Up

It seems that at this moment, Our pathetic excuse for a government, the mental retardation center of dimwits (7.2%), lackwits (11.6%) and bullshits (81.8%...and rising), is seeking to reverse the current Electoral Law so that candidates and elected officials will no longer have to make public their tax returns and financial information.

Simple response: Public servants = public records. Period.

What the disease-addled hyenas want to do is take away one of the most powerful (albeit badly under-used) tools in the citizen's arsenal: accountability. These festering bags of rat crap want to keep suckling at the public teat--at Our considerable expense. They want to increase that capability--at Our even more considerable expense--and for one reason only: Because We are idiots.

We have public servants who think they own Us. By Our indifference, they practically do. The rat-crappy excuse that We have for a government is a plague-infested corpse filled with drug addicts, alcoholics, pederasts, drug dealers, rapists, thieves and some really evil people, all wrapped in layers of hypocrisy that are padded with Our dollars.

This. Has. Got. To. End.

Our government is not "for" Us: it is against Us. It isn't "of" Us because it has become a sub-set all its own, living in its own world. At the highest levels--the rotting head of a gangrenous corpse--the average government dingo has almost nothing in common with the average voter. Think about this: the average legislator salary package is now almost 6 times the average worker's salary. This is by far the biggest gap in a so-called democracy.

If you think "Occupy Wall Street" is "The 99% of Us  against the 1% of 'Them',"  then what We have with Our government is a need to "Occupy" it: to literally bring it to a screeching halt, clean the house out and start all over again. There's a plan to do that Saturday, October 15th, in smaller scale. Probably last about 2 hours and end up in some mall or malls, a shopping trip with a slight sunburn thrown in to make it "un sábado fabu."

And don't give Me that crap about "We need a government." Do you need syphilis? Or gonorrhea? Because that's what Our Island is dealing with: a serious disease that left untreated leads to death. Belgium went over a year without a government, and yeah, they're boring, but even so they have much better things to do than to pay attention to a skank and a whore scream insults at each other on local TV. Belgium survived the absence of ts governmet easily; did pretty good, in fact. They discovered what every walking rat-crap bag fears: that the best government is literally the least.

So Our disease pack wants to keep their money matters to themselves. Once again the basic notion that they are public servants--public--is an inconvenience to them. They really hate those laws that say they can't do this, can't do that because it gets in the way of their "I wanna get all I can any way I can" mojo.

Here's My mojo: I wanna get rid of all of you. And "soon" isn't soon enough.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Twitter pic that proves My point about "un sábado fabu." In this case, Plaza Las Américas.]

This post was scheduled for Friday, October 14th. It was pushed back to Monday, October 17th, because of the SJBullshitter fiasco. Nothing was edited after I wrote it Thursday PM. Why didn't I write a new post? Because this one is valid as it is, and My prediction was 96.44% certain anyway.

15 October 2011

Video Of Bullshit Being Sold

The Jenius has been hammering the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine situation, and its feckless leader Yocata Brugal, with metronomic severity. In essence, calling "bullshit" on their bullshit. To My surprise and with a humbling touch of pride, it has become the headlining piece in the Puerto Rico section of Global Voices Online, courtesy of Janine-Mendes Franco.

Here, courtesy of the San Juan Bautista Students blog (and note in passing, people, that The Jenius has been using public sources only; the SJBullshit Purveyors are consistently revealed by them), is the video series from the October 13th meeting with 4th year students' parents.

If you have the iron stomach to go through all this, note four things:

1) How little information these verbal diarrhea sufferers actually provide.

2) How they try their damndest to incite sympathy/pity for "their plight," the absolute mark of the spineless bullshit mook.

3) How they try their damndest to "unite efforts" against the LCME in a "Don't hit me because I fucked up royally!" bait-and-switch ploy.

4) How only 1 or 2 people actually try to call them on their bullshit, how the vast majority of these people, with pain, anger and frustration over this mess, basically let the SJBullshit-Mongers keep shoveling the crap.

True, there isn't enough information to know how to react to all this because there hasn't been enough information shared, period. But that was the whole fucking purpose of this meeting, their first in a proposed series of 4 meetings stretching to October 19th meant to delay and increase the level of obfuscation to silo-deep proportions.

I bet none of you will watch these videos. That's okay. When the SJBullshit hits the fan, and the fallout clarifies the situation, you will then see that these videos prove My points, all along.

Oh, and the injunction information they """promised""" for Friday, the 14th? What do you think happened? Or should I say, didn't happen?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

14 October 2011

Yocasta Brugal: SJBullshitter?

Once again, this is My business now. You know why.

In what was clearly a sham of a meeting, the San Juan Bautista School of Mendaciousness spoke for a long time and what it said tonight (13 October) amounted to absolute, unmitigated and barefaced lying. (Videos of the meeting on the SJB Students blog).

Where to begin? Okay, the injunction. Faced with the devastating and complete destruction of their medical school as an accredited institution, a legal action to at least stop, delay or overturn the LCME's decision (the accrediting body) is a necessity. For clarity, here's what an injunction is and does:

"An injunction is an equitable remedy in the form of a court order that requires a party to do or refrain from doing certain acts... This injunctive power to restore the status quo ante, that is, to make whole again someone whose rights have been violated, is essential to the concept of fairness (equity)."

Seeing as how 270+ students are now in medical school hell, and that the meeting is with their parents to help them cope with the situation, you'd think--you'd really think--that the SJBSOMendaciousness would be crystal clear on what it is doing to restore or prepare the way to restoring the status quo ante.

You'd think. And you'd be wrong.

 When questioned by parents, including one who is an experienced trial lawyer, about the injunction, the liars could not exactly say who was filing the injunction (they didn't have the law firm's name at hand...so they say), nor exactly when it was filed, nor in what court said filing was made (I shit you not) nor even what the injunction's purpose was, exactly. And they dropped this little fillip in there, too: the first injunction was denied.

Think about this: Ten full days have passed since the boom was lowered on the SJBSOMething's Fishy Here and so-called Stanford Who's Who Who Can't Answer Anything doesn't know exactly what the legal remedy they are taking is about, even though something had been tried before. And who did they have on hand to "bolster" their bullshit? A local lawyer who had even less information than Stanford What's Going On, Brugal.

And what did this scion of legal strategy suggest, with the backing of the SJBSlapping Lipstick On A Pig suggest be the students' and parents' strategy in the days ahead? Sue the LCME, with each class year going at the accreditation body in separate class-action suits.

What this means, when stripped of its pestiferous overtones, is: Don't sue the SJBullshit Factory; waste your time with the LCME!

The LCME's Report on which the removal of accreditation was based on is in the hands of the SJBullshit Farm. Unless legal action is taken, and despite several requests, including that of the trial lawyer present at the meeting (who knew the injunction case number that Stanford Who's Running Scared Brugal didn't "have at hand"), the Report can remain out of the public eye. In fact, the legal monkey capering at the meeting specifically pointed out that the injunction made it a point to request that documentation related to the case remain confidential.

Now let Me point out three vectors streaming from this overflowing outhouse of bullshit, each of which can be demolished with ease: (1) that the LCME is the true guilty party here; (2) that the Report has to remain confidential and (3) that the SJBullshit Fountain is working.

Bullshit Vector #1: That the LCME is the guilty party. I covered this before, but here's the shorter version. If the LCME acted outside of procedures, with a bias or incompetently, a legal remedy could have been found by any competent lawyer in a day, with time left over for golf. The LCME's procedures are posted on the website, downloadable by anyone. (Except, apparently, by nearly all SJBSOM students and their parents.) The previous post covered the overall Procedures, so here's the added quote, from the LCME's The Role of Students in the Accreditation of Medical Education Programs, page 5, Section 5, concerning loss of accreditation:

Because the quality of U.S. and Canadian medical education programs is uniformly high, the probability of any program losing its accreditation as a result of an accreditation survey is relatively low. If serious problems are identified, the LCME would, in most circumstances, give the program an opportunity to correct its problems before withdrawing accreditation. 

For most medical education programs with relatively minor accreditation concerns, the LCME will ask the medical school dean to submit one or more written reports describing what the program staff has done to achieve or maintain full compliance with accreditation standards. If the accreditation issues identified by the LCME are serious or widespread, the LCME has several options for follow-up depending on the extent and nature of the problems, including a limited on-site survey to verify how the program has corrected its problems; shortening the term of accreditation; or placing the program on “warning of probation” status or “probation” status. Although probation is infrequent, it does occur. (Emphasis Mine.)

Now, given that this is the written, public and binding procedure the LCME has, what are the odds that they would bypass them and expose themselves to legal action?

Furthermore, as was brought up in the meeting, the LCME threatened to withdraw the accreditation of the Universidad del Caribe (UCC), then in Cayey, with a letter sent in October 1983 stating that accreditation would end June 30th, 1984. The UCC took legal action and, as stated in court documents, worked with the LCME to retain its accreditation.

Brugal and her mealy-mouthed mendacious artists are trying to equate the UCC situation 27 years ago with what the SJBullshit Forum is facing. They are not the same. What the LCME did in this case, on October 3rd, amounted to a death penalty, whereas in 1983-1984, what they did was issue a warning with a deadline. Whether the warning was discriminatory, biased or in some other way wrong was decided long ago. If anyone thinks the LCME, having "lost" that decision 27 years ago, would undertake an even more decisive action and leave any room for losing another lawsuit, then your brains are mush.

Bullshit Vector #2: That the Report has to remain confidential. No. No. And hell no. At the meeting, the SJBullshit Team indicated that the Report could not be made public because it supposedly contained confidential student information.


From the LCME's Survey Report Guide, the manual for how the Report is to be compiled, here's the complete list, on page 20, of student-based data requested:


Insert at least the following items from the medical education database and the independent student analysis in the Appendix:

·        * Student enrollment by class year 

·        * Mean MCAT scores and premedical GPAs for past three entering classes (MS-5, MS-6)

·        * Table of the number of students who left school, exhibited academic difficulty, or took a leave of absence 

·        * Sample Medical Student Performance Evaluation (“dean’s letter”) 

·        * Copy of the most recent LCME Part I-B Financial Aid Questionnaire (MS-24) 

·        * Narrative section of the independent student analysis and data from the student-administered survey (if not included previously)

This is public data, not confidential. As part of the survey, students answer questionnaires, anonymously, and the data is aggregated for a score that evaluates the medical school. And each class year has students meet directly with the survey report team, for interview sessions. Once again, from the LCME's The Role of Students in the Accreditation of Medical Education Programs, pages 9-10, here's what the Survey Report does with the student interviews that take place as part of the accreditation review process:

Under no circumstances are student comments at these sessions quoted directly or attributed to any individual either in the survey report of the team or in exit conferences with the medical school dean and university executive.

If  for some reason the LCME had violated student confidentiality in a way that the SJBullshit Posse considered egregious, the Procedures spell out how they can challenge it before the final Report is presented. From the LCME's Survey Report Guide, page 1:

If the dean of the medical education program involved disagrees with the tone of the report or the findings of the survey team, that disagreement should be communicated to the team secretary when the draft report is reviewed. If a disagreement persists after the team has had an opportunity to discuss the dean’s concerns, the dean may send a letter to the LCME Secretariat and, for Canadian programs, the CACMS Secretariat describing any objections and the rationale for disputing the team’s findings. That letter would then be included in the meeting agenda and considered along with the survey report when the LCME and the CACMS (for Canadian programs) evaluate the program’s accreditation status. (Emphasis Mine.)

If the LCME had been playing fast and loose with student information, there was a way to address and remedy that. If the LCME didn't fix it and ignored its Procedures, mistreating student information, the SJBullshit Pack would have a case Dr. Doolittle could win...even with a legal monkey. That Stanford Who's Lying Brugal claims that this is the reason for not releasing the Report is far from being anywhere near the Truth.

Now, let's say that the Report's financial information is confidential. Stands to reason. Makes sense. So why not release the Report minus the institution's financial information?

After all, the LCME's stated reason for using its guillotine was "inadequate clinical resources." Removing the financial information, in essence the data and maybe a few comments, would hardly impair reading the Report's findings concerning "inadequate clinical resources." And if it did, Brugal and the Feckless Fibbers would have a stronger position to seek the unity with students, parents and the medical community that they said they wanted to have. (A point I'll come back to in Bullshit Vector #3.)

No, the Report is not confidential because of student information, or even financial information. Like I said before: it is "confidential" because it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the SJBullshit Train Wreck, led by Stanford Choo Choo's Boo Hoo Brugal, absolutely deserved what it got.

Two reasons come to mind for the LCME's decision to pass probation on the way to go to hell: financial malfeasance and fraud, as in knowingly providing the LCME with false or falsified information. Most likely both, for the LCME took the decision to withdraw accreditation in one action knowing full well a legal challenge would be mounted, even by legal monkeys.

So why state "inadequate clinical resources" rather than financial skullduggery or blatant lying? Because insufficient clinical resources was clearly demonstrable and publicly defensible: the other two reasons, if they exist, are not, at least not to the extent the LCME can easily manage. By stating the obvious non-compliance, they make their case, for even though by their own Procedures, the single stated cause could have been dealt with under probation, the additional unmentioned causes forced the loss of accreditation.

And that explains quite well why Brugal's Procrastinating Prevaricators are earning their sobriquets.

Bullshit Vector #3: That the SJBullshit Fountain is working. Obviously not for the students. They are understandably upset, furious, confused and disheartened. Fellow med students feel their pain. The parents and loved ones of these students feel the same, while some, like Me, feel closer to murderous rage. The "delay, delay, delay" tactic is now blending with a "divide and conquer" tactic, but the whole package is teetering on the brink of collapse, a result that will only further exacerbate the criminal negligence shown so far.

The SJBullshit Blender needs allies to survive: it cannot win this fight alone. Its first ally is the Report; at this point, it is obviously out of the question.  The second tier of allies were the students, but the repeated pattern of obfuscation, feigned ignorance and condescending incompetence has worn out a chance for massive student support. The parents were shredded today, with a performance so inept it made the legal monkey seem like Koko. The Hospital's bankruptcy, added to a lengthy habit of non-payment of employees, reduced services and piling debt, is not an ally, but an enemy.

Ah, yes, the Hospital. So very very important. The only hospital directly allied to a medical school campus. Center of clinical resources. Object of lust for the City of Caguas, the nearby HIMA medical group and the Puerto Rico Health Department. The Hospital, now in bankruptcy, so poor in services and safety conditions it appalled the Joint Commission (the  accreditation body for hospitals and clinics), the local Health Department and eventually, the LCME. The same Health Department that the SJBullshit Bank claimed was the reason the Hospital was forced into bankruptcy, a claim rightly denied by the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González.

And yet, despite this acrimony, this same Secretary of Health stepped up and said he would support and help the SJBullshit Lobby. Decent of him. Mighty white, I'd say. Big chief Lorenzo lending hand, Kemosabe. So when he requested a copy of the Report--as he had every right to do--the answer from the SJBullshit Herd and their Board of Trustees was: No way, José. They even got his name wrong...

Are you kidding Me? The strongest possible allies that Stanford Who Needs A Clue Brugal and her Distaff Dissemblers have--and need--are all being essentially told: Help us, but you got to trust us when we don't tell you jackshit (we tell you bullshit.)

Is this the kind of institution and administration that will straighten out the very fucking mess they made? Oh hell no.

So I'm asking you two final questions: do you think that the SJBullshit Bobbysoxers led by Brugal and her Executive Equivocators are lying?

And aren't you tired of Me writing "SJBullshit"? Now you're beginning to understand just how fed up I am with their SJBullshit.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

13 October 2011

Yocasta Brugal: Incompetence Recognized

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Jenius!!

My previous post was about the loss of accreditation of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, """run""""(into the ground) by one Yocasta Brugal.

Now I know she has fellow guilty parties, but the fundamental lesson of leadership is that whoever's at the top is responsible, so that's what applies here.

It's been 10 days since the SJB was told about its humiliating and devastating loss. And what has the SJB done in those 10 ays, with 270+ students and hundreds of employees facing horribly uncertain futures?

Jack shit. Or in terms Brugal can understand: Pero mira que ni mierda han hecho.

The SJB's response to all this has been: "Wait because something will be done." Ten days. Not a fucking thing has been done. Let's lay out some proof:

An April 15th article in NotiCel, written by Omaya Sosa Pascual, is based on an interview with Dr. Luis Clas, the fired SJB Hospital Director. It has the following opening line:  Desde la quiebra hasta la amenaza de pérdida de acreditación... 

From bankruptcy to the threat of loss of accreditation... He most likely meant the hospital, but if he meant the School, it's another deal. But as you shall see, if the Hospital were to lose its accreditation--and it was already in serious deficiencies--then the School was also in trouble.

April 15th, 2011. It was not a secret. Brugal and her people lied. Over and over.

Article written by Damaris Vega Cotto in El Nuevo Periódico de Caguas, dated May 31, 2011. Brugal is asked if the hospital's precarious situation places the School in jeopardy. Her response: that the hospital was used as "a workshop" for third and fourth year students and that "it would be a shame to lose it."

The situation vis á vis the Hospital and the School was patently evident.

Again, from Omaya Sosa Pascual's productive keyboard, a NotiCel article dated March 29th, wherein Brugal points out that the School was about to inaugurate two new programs in August 2011 (Nursing and Public Health Administration) that "depended on the institution (the Hospital) keeping its accreditation." The Hospital lost it...on April 14th. I bet the LCME thought that was not up to snuff...

Going back a bit, the Hospital fired its Director and filed for bankruptcy on March 18th, claiming $35 million in debt, $21 million of that owed to the Power Authority.

Since 2009, the Hospital had been a hotbed of controversy as paychecks for most or even all personnel were routinely skipped. This was the primary "clinical resource" the SJB counted  on, an already-indicated vital piece of the accreditation process...and they couldn't manage it to within a mile of "competent."

Why has Brugal been elusive and thus silent for these past 10 days? Because the LCME's Report makes it very clear that she and her dimwit distaff dog pound directorate were negligent and incompetent.  If they want to prove Me wrong--and good fucking luck with that--all they need to do is release the Report.

But I know--and they certainly know--that I am 100% right: Brugal and her pack fucked up.

And yet.

Press release:

CAGUAS, PR, September 8, 2011 /Stanford Who's Who/ -- Stanford Who's Who welcomes Yocasta Brugal, MD to the ranks of leading professionals as a result of her exceptional effort in the Education Industry. As President and Dean of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, as well as throughout her brilliant professional career, Dr. Brugal has routinely demonstrated the vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be considered among the best. 


The Jenius Has Spoken.

11 October 2011

This Is My Business Now

On October 3rd, a school of medicine in Puerto Rico, the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, was punished for its negligence and incompetence by becoming the first U.S.-based institution to completely lose its accreditation.

Fuck Us. No, fuck the administration of that now-disgraced school. More on that in a moment.

The facts seem clear: The San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJB) lost its accreditation under circumstances that the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) clearly explained in their Report, product of their extensive investigation of the school's operation. By their own Procedures, and as explained in the withdrawal of accreditation letter, the Report cannot be made public by the LCME; it can only be made public by the SJB. 

Major Point: If the Report were erroneous, the SJB would have cleared its case or at least had a solid reason to counteract the removal of accreditation by revealing what is in it. The same reason applies if the LCME acted hastily, or in some way discriminated against the SJB: making the Report public would fundamentally alter the situation in the SJB's favor.

To think that the LCME would endanger its standing and authority to oversee medical schools in and out of the United States in order to "persecute" or harm the SJB is ridiculous. Some people actually think that. The SJB is not that important for the risk involved.

Further rejection of that "theory" is the fact that the LCME has been transparent about its actions, following its own published Accreditation Procedures. The only non-transparent part of the entire LCME process is the Report, now in the SJB's hands.

Quoting from the LCME's Procedures, page 17, paragraph 2: "Withdrawal of accreditation may occur when (a) there is documented evidence that an accredited program exhibits substantial deficiencies in compliance with LCME accreditation standards, and (b) the deficiencies are sufficiently serious, in the LCME’s judgment, to raise concern whether graduates of the program are competent to enter the next stage of their training. Under normal circumstances, a program will have an opportunity to correct serious problems of noncompliance through the mechanisms of limited visits or probationary status before the LCME takes action to withdraw accreditation. However, rapid and precipitous deterioration in the quality of an educational program may be sufficient grounds for withdrawal of accreditation, whether or not a limited visit or probationary period has preceded the decision to withdraw accreditation." (Emphasis Mine.)

The SJB learned of its removal of accreditation on Monday, October 3rd. It stands to reason that the administration had to know that their position with the LCME was precarious, and yet, despite Procedures that the SJB was obligated to follow, the students and faculty were not told of the process and its potential outcome. New students weren't warned, upper class students were not notified, faculty was not informed; the pattern of lying by omission was established. Let Me state this as clearly as possible: The SJB's administration lied.

In fact, the SJB didn't break the news to the students: they found out "through the grapevine" after the LCME, following its own procedures, placed the notice on their website. The SJB's announcement of the loss of its accreditation was made "formally" on Tuesday, October 4th, with the additional remark that the delay from the previous day's notification was "according to advice from the school's legal advisors." Do tell.

Again, the Major Point: if the LCME's action against the SJB was erroneous, discriminatory or beyond proper procedure, the simple remedy, the clearest remedy, was to present the Report and refute the LCME's position.

The Report has not been released--and will not be for now--because the Report proves that the SJB was most likely negligent and possibly incompetent in dealing with the LCME's findings, thus leading to the sudden fulminating loss of accreditation

To state the conclusion clearer: If the SJB had a competent response to the LCME's actions, they would have made it already. At the very least, an injunction to stop the loss of accreditation could have been presented in hours, if and only if the Report was flawed and the SJB had a clear defense response to counter it.

Even if the Report were accurate, but the SJB had a solid record of competent actions with which to respond and at the very least ask for an injunction, then they would have done so.

Now for a full disclosure: Mrs. Jenius is a 4th year (final year) student at the SJB and was just 3 weeks from completing her accredited medical degree. Her option now is to transfer to another medical school--one that knows how to be and remain accredited--and start over as a 3rd year student. Yes, that means paying for two years of med school that she already completed successfully. And paying for what the SJB did not deliver fully.

I have to say what's on My mind: I hunger for the moment when the shitheads who plunged some 270 students into academic and professional hell die with syphilis in their brains, leprosy on their faces and cancer in their genitals. Twice. Why? Because they are guilty of criminal negligence and incompetence. Period.

Let's not forget that beyond this situation that is unfairly punishing medical students and faculty, the SJB is a revenue-seeking entity: loss of accreditation in this sudden and complete manner and at this time seriously places the institution's future in serious jeopardy. Bankruptcy, an option already exercised by the allied hospital the campus operates, looms likely. And yet, the sorry group of dimwits doing an adult's job with a mushroom's brains simply hem and haw and blither and blather and basically do nothing that a headless chicken couldn't do backwards and with greater grace and intelligence. In short, they are doing nothing but mealy-mouthing: Wait.

Therefore, eight days after the shitty house of cards that was once an accredited school of medicine was flattened, We can state firmly that the SJB is the sole party to blame for this fiasco, and the only question that needs to be addressed at this point is what degree of legal action will be taken against the school.

Without legal action, the students and faculty cannot find out what the LCME Report contained. Given the SJB's lack of information and proven pattern of non-responsiveness, no one will know to what extent the SJB's executive personnel and advisors failed their responsibilities.

The strongest possible legal action would be a class action suit for damages to academic careers and professional careers, where applicable. Legal action will force the Report to be made public. Until that happens, those most affected by this negligence and incompetence are at the mercy of the SJB's "whenever" attitude about informing them, and at their mercy for the already-evident "mercenary whenever" attitude about helping them make the very difficult transitions they must make. Because of their failings, these now-forced transitions could also be ruined by their continued failings, like piling shit on shit.

Is My outrage greater because it touches one I love most? Of course it is. That's natural. What isn't is standing around while pluperfect distaff dimwits with surnames like Brugal, Rivera, Ramos and Márquez cart their uteri around like this whole fucking mess was another stanza in "Desiderata." It is not. Furthermore, the Board of Trustees needs to be exposed for their "Three Monkeys" imitation, only it is obvious by now that the Board stinks much worse that any three monkeys ever could.

There are hundreds of things wrong on My Island. This one had better get fixed soon.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

P.S.: A huge Jenius Thanks to Michelle Kantrow and Lorraine Blasor, of News Is My Business, for tackling this story head-on and publishing an article about it. And another big Thanks to Rafael Matos, former Chief Editor of The Daily Sun, for also tackling the story.

03 October 2011

A Book For Us

Many Thanks to Global Voices Online and the ever-present Janine Mendes-Franco for picking up My post about Papá Héroes

This won't take long... 

Tunisia. Libya. Egypt. Iran. Spain. Greece. England. Around the world, protesters are coming together, in relatively peaceful demonstrations, to tell their governments and the world that they are fed up with the status quo. The protests We focused on the most--We prisoners of the fascist-leaning U.S. of part of A. and its whorish media--were those of the dictatorships (Tunisia and Libya), but downplayed the protests that happened and continue to happen in Our "democratic allies." Which are also dictatorships.

In essence, a dictatorship is the rule of the nation by a small group that can and does impose its will by force. Now We tend to use "force" to only mean "military might," so that Our classical image of a dictator is a some medal-bedecked stocky half-wit with tanks and guns on his side. But no, the essential dictatorship stems from application of force, and in Spain, Greece, England and the good ol' U.S. of part if A., We have stocky half-wits with banks and laws. And instead of soldiers, the minions and mangy dogs are bankers, lawyers and lobbyists.

These lackeys saw the protests as civilians facing armed forces, the paradigm that ignored reality. That's why the protests were deemed to have "morphed" from "evil dictatorships" to "friendly democracies" in the eyes of Our media and many of Our leaders and pundits, half-wits all. To them, the protests were caused (yes, caused) by social media and the evils of unrestrained technology. The preservers of the status quo--beneficiaries to a greater extent within it than you and Me--saw the toppling of governments and began to wonder if the next to flee would be them. And they should be scared: witness the growth of the once-laughable "Occupy Wall Street" movement. And Let's face it: if there's going to a true terrorist attack in the U.S. of part of A., it will come from within, not without.

Some of the credit for the rising protest movement, and more importantly, its effectiveness, is ascribed to the book From Dictatorship to Democracy, by Gene Sharp. It is a generic, but heavily insightful analysis, of protest, revolutionary and independence movements. It has been banned in several countries. It can be read in a day, as it is barely 100 pages long.

And it applies to Puerto Rico without a shred of doubt.

You can download it here, in English, free:  http://www.aeinstein.org/organizations/org/FDTD.pdf

In Spanish, again free: http://www.aeinstein.org/organizations/org/DelaDict-1.pdf

I provide the URL in case you want to copy/paste to spread it around.

Do We really want to make a change? Let's see how many of Us act in certain ways to make change. And one of those acts would be to read From Dictatorship to Democracy.

Time to stand up and be counted.

The Jenius Has Spoken.