15 October 2011

Video Of Bullshit Being Sold

The Jenius has been hammering the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine situation, and its feckless leader Yocata Brugal, with metronomic severity. In essence, calling "bullshit" on their bullshit. To My surprise and with a humbling touch of pride, it has become the headlining piece in the Puerto Rico section of Global Voices Online, courtesy of Janine-Mendes Franco.

Here, courtesy of the San Juan Bautista Students blog (and note in passing, people, that The Jenius has been using public sources only; the SJBullshit Purveyors are consistently revealed by them), is the video series from the October 13th meeting with 4th year students' parents.

If you have the iron stomach to go through all this, note four things:

1) How little information these verbal diarrhea sufferers actually provide.

2) How they try their damndest to incite sympathy/pity for "their plight," the absolute mark of the spineless bullshit mook.

3) How they try their damndest to "unite efforts" against the LCME in a "Don't hit me because I fucked up royally!" bait-and-switch ploy.

4) How only 1 or 2 people actually try to call them on their bullshit, how the vast majority of these people, with pain, anger and frustration over this mess, basically let the SJBullshit-Mongers keep shoveling the crap.

True, there isn't enough information to know how to react to all this because there hasn't been enough information shared, period. But that was the whole fucking purpose of this meeting, their first in a proposed series of 4 meetings stretching to October 19th meant to delay and increase the level of obfuscation to silo-deep proportions.

I bet none of you will watch these videos. That's okay. When the SJBullshit hits the fan, and the fallout clarifies the situation, you will then see that these videos prove My points, all along.

Oh, and the injunction information they """promised""" for Friday, the 14th? What do you think happened? Or should I say, didn't happen?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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