08 November 2012

Thoughts On Statehood...

...that aren't Mine. Here, for the unwashed, uninformed and unimpressive statehooders that insist on begging/whining for inclusion in the U.S. of part of A., is a sample (errors and all) of comments from a Yahoo! News article about the recent plebiscite:

Discombobulation Incorpor... • 5 mins ago  
The majority of the residents on the island are under some sort of government help (just like the Puerto Ricans in N.Y. City). Even among other Spanish speaking nationalities, Puerto Ricans are considered "lazy" and "inefficient". They're dominance of the Spanish language is considered the worst.  

David • 5 mins ago
Just what the US needs; an island that has 13% unemployment!  

Antoni • 5 mins ago

OU812 • 6 mins ago
Do I get to vote not to let them become a state? 1 Million new liberals looking for the next government check.

H • 6 mins ago
great 437,000 more people on welfare we have to pay for

Mack • 8 mins ago
Hey...here we go again. Just what we need to stabilyze the economy. A few more million people on food stamps!!!!

Robert • 9 mins ago
Why would they want Statehood??? They have all the benefits without the Taxes!!!

Bolden • 10 mins ago
Thanks, but we don't need MORE division. Cut them loose and let them be a free independent nation of the Caribbean.

PaulS • 10 mins ago
I have always felt that Puerto Ricans wish to have all the benefits of statehood without any of the obligations and duties, i.e. the way things are now.

Coigne • 13 mins ago
This is crazy. We don't need to incorporate non-English speaking countries into our union. What for? Divorce Puerto Rico and let it find it's own way among the Spanish Cultural heritage of Latin America. It is our decision to make.

Charles H • 15 mins ago
why would we want the toilet bowl of the world to be a state? Isn't there enough of them here already. Selling drugs, stealing and breeding like roaches.  

Now one can say that these comments--many of them blatantly racist and stupid--are not an accurate reflection of what all "Americans" feel about Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state. That would be correct. Many people in the States actually believe Puerto Rico can and should become a State.

But they aren't--by ANY stretch of the imagination--a majority. 

Look at those comments above. They represent ignorance and indifference of and to Puerto Rico. The comments may not represent the majority, but the attitudes most definitely do.

Remember, it takes 38 States to approve a new one, a super-majority of 75%. To most "Americans," Puerto Rico is a tiny infrequent blip on their U.S.-of-part-of-A.-centric view of the world, one that is myopic about anything other than "U.S.A.!"  To a majority of the population, Puerto Rico is simply not something they think about at all, or give a damn about.

But if the topic of statehood for the Island comes in, they will. And what do you think will be their reaction after years of ignorance and indifference to Us, Brethren?

Read those comments and tell Me--with a straight face--that they won't have a significant impact on forming public opinion. Read them and tell Me that a smear campaign--a Republican Party specialty--won't make the idea of statehood for Puerto Rico tantamount to treason, fiscal disaster, unwanted miscegenation and pandering to welfare bums. Tell Me there won't be an overtly racist knee-jerk reaction by many who are forced to come face-to-face with the possibility of Us becoming the 51st state. Go ahead: tell Me.

It won't matter if you do, because you'll be wrong. You can deny it by being willfully blind or criminally stupid, but you'd be wrong anyway. This isn't about Me or any of Us feeling "like a victim": it's about people reacting to a concept by making a snap judgment on it. Human nature being what it is, that snap judgment will be hard to change and will carry enormous weight for years to come.

Oh, you want proof? Okay. Do a little Googling to find out what "Americans" thought of Puerto Ricans circa 1898-1908, Our first decade together. Go ahead. Then stick this in your pipe dream and smoke it: when it comes to statehood for Puerto Rico, it's been 114 years and counting.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Update: 9 Nov 2012: Over at the Latino Rebels Facebook page, I've been exchanging barbs with some spineless grub named Julio Fig Figueroa, a statehood supporter. Yes, I understand that most of you knew what he was after "spineless grub." I'm consistent that way.]

[Update: 10 Nov 2012: And the stupidity, the racially-oriented gut-level shit-for-brains stupidity continues, even under the lying guise of """satire""". I won't even bother giving the title, to avoid adding to the Google juice, but stop a moment, statehooders, and notice how quickly and how vitriolic this response is. Your party lies about "statehood winning" and the response has covered the gamut from "No, not really" to "Uh-uh" to "Fuck y'all brownies." Are you listening? Have you ever listened? That's the root of My problem with your "kneeling/open-mouthed/servile" stance: it lacks any sense of dignity, integrity and self-respect. And yes, I am implying exactly what that stance implies. Deal.]


Beato said...

the comments are so good i am linking all the pages i can in a single post here:


GCSchmidt said...

Cracked Me up! I know what you mean about the comments being "so good", but it cracked Me up thinking how "good" they were!

Keep up the good work. You rock!

Beato said...

Like a friend says...what we have to offer us? Naval bases...gone cane...gone agriculture...gone tourism...all other places have cheaper all inclusivd options.
Lets see obama ignore or stall this again. Romney wouldve just gone with independence to resolve.

David said...

Different U.S. media report that statehood won. I suppose sensationalism sells. The devil is in the details.

GCSchmidt said...

Robert, I wrote years ago that We're like the mistress who was once young and sexy with a spectacular body, but it now old and faded with withered parts. If "he" didn't "marry" Us then, what the hell makes Us think he'll marry Us now?

And David, I anticipated that reporting on this plebiscite would be biased by the local lie machine that is the statehood party. But the smarter crowd is digging past the bullshit and getting to the reality of a sub-50% result:


And here's Maurice Ferré lambasting the result and stating that The Larva may have done irreparable damage to the notion of statehood for Puerto Rico.


I will LAUGH every day as statehooders beg like the morons they are for something they will NEVER get. Makes My day, every day!

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting reading too:


Kofla Olivieri said...

(Discombobulation Incorpor... wrote: They're dominance of the Spanish language is considered the worst.)

Interesting that the Grammar Police are always the worst offenders. Lots of Americans have a problem with "There, Their and They're".

GCSchmidt said...

That's what gets Me: the stupidity. The overbearing, almost violent, level of perfect stupidity that these baboons express. And yet, they form a substantial minority that carries weight when it comes to forming public opinion.

Ariel Fornari said...

P.R. is a permanently failed experiment of Anglo-Saxon social darwinism, introduced in the Caribbean, the Imperial Frontier, at the onset of the invasion of 1898. http://wwwc-300enrd.blogspot.com/
Historic Memory of U.S. Colonization of Puerto Rico-Chronology of historical events leading to the Spanish-American War and the U.S. intervention in the Cuban War of Independence and the Invasion of Puerto Rico.

Ariel Fornari said...

Historic Memory of U.S. Colonization of Puerto Rico-Chronology of historical events leading to the Spanish-American War and the U.S. intervention in the Cuban War of Independence and the Invasion of Puerto Rico.

Anonymous said...

We the working class of Puerto Rico don't want Statehood. Only the lazy bums that want more benefits and more $ and not do shit! We want a free sovereign country but associated with the u.s allies.Is it a sin to be free in this world? Please support the working class of puerto Rico to not be a state. We have the right to be free..thanks pro-Sovereignty and independance of Puerto Rico..

Anonymous said...

Most of us un Puerto Rico don't want Statehood, please support Puerto Rico to be a free sovereign country.We need help from the outside worl to help us spread the word. Anti-Statehood like PIP and MINH organizations that are pro free and sovereign PR.

GCSchmidt said...

Ariel, I promise to read the content you link to and give you a response.

For those who commented in support of a sovereign Puerto Rico, welcome. You get My support, as long as it isn't to push the zombie-flatulent dumbass turd known as "Sovereign ELA."

Anonymous said...

Independance now ! for Puerto Rico!

Anonymous said...

Now Statehood people like Ricardo rossello are going to Washington this week. To beg congress to admit Puerto Rico to the union.All eyes on this Ricardo pro-Statehood guy...

Francisco said...

Gil, I would like to invite you to sign this online petition calling for the US Congress not to ignore the wishes of 55% of the Puerto Ricans who voted.


Ariel Fornari said...

P.R. has as much chance as a snowball in hell, of ever becoming the 51st state of The Union, heh, heh.

Ariel Fornari said...

You're using literal translation, idiomatic English would sound better if you say, "their command of the Spanish language", etc., etc.,....

GCSchmidt said...

I think Ricky Rosselló is a fart off the old turd and 94% dumber than shit. It'll be interesting to see what idiocy he stumbles to in D.C.

Francisco, I signed the petition. We'll see how the whole thing plays out...this time.

Ariel, snowball in hell indeed. Exactly what I know.

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition, PR has the right to self-determination and have full sovereignty. Keep posting please, great blog gil.

Ariel Fornari said...


Ariel Fornari said...

Gill-I came across this blog from one of my Twitter followers. I have my hands full on Twitter, etc., but this blog seems to fill a void on this subject. Education and information is sorely needed regarding the colonial situation in P.R., and hopefully this blog will fulfill that function. I know your style is rather unorthodox to say the least, but it definitely gets the point across. Hopefully the fanatics and the ill-informed, will somehow make some sense of all this confusion, and will come out at the other end a bit more enlightened, if not altogether embarassed.

Prometeo said...

Wow! This is what the media should be broadcasting to open the eyes of the pro statehood people.

Adelante y éxito.

Anonymous said...

We want a free independent Puerto Rico! Thanks gil keep up the good work please help my party PIP pro independance party.

GCSchmidt said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I certainly can help the Independence Party as I'm sure I can arrange My schedule to accomodate one month of work every four years...

Anonymous said...

Thanks gil