25 April 2011

Open My Eyes Wider

Over the hiatus, I gathered some 74 posts of Mine into an e-book, that will be out before the end of May. Rather than meander on My favorite topics (Me and My writings), I'll just to get to the points:

1) The tone running through many of the posts was one of anger. You knew that. I knew that. But it's one thing to "know" it in a vague, "Uh-huh, that's true" way and another to see it flashing before your eyes in rapid sequences of 10-12 posts at a time.  You'll see it, too, when you read the book. Because you are reading the book,  n'est-ce pas?

{Yeah, I'm tossing more French in here. Italian, too, later on.}

2) But the tone was not anger alone: it was anger and pain, which equals outrage.  You know the difference between anger/rage and anger/outrage: one is a scream that rises in pitch, tone and intended violence, while the other screams, then modulates its tone to explain its pain. From this balance comes the frequent comment that "The Jenius does love His Island." That is accurate, as is My consistent disappointment and frustration with so many aspects of it.

3) The final point, an undercurrent through the 74 posts: I got tired of the outrage and wanted to find a new way. Even when expressed cogently, a constant stream of outrage can only descend into whining. I don't whine, don't want to. And for those of you who have lived with anger issues for years know, anger is draining. Downright exhausting. So a change was needed, for The Jenius' sake and for My own.

So what I feel I've done is open My eyes a little wider, to broaden the scope of My attention from largely looking at the next target I'm going to shoot verbal bullets at and refocus on the people and things that make Me love Puerto Rico.

And that's where you come in: I don't know all the people and things that make My Island--Our Island--so wonderful and unique. I need you tell Me, to point out who's doing great work unsung, who's traveling their own fascinating road and what's happening that could make a profound difference for Us if We only knew more about it. In other words, help Me open My eyes even wider. 

If you've listened to the podcast, Gil The Jenius Now, with Susana Cabán, you'll get a hint of what I'm looking for. If you haven't listened to it, give yourself 16 minutes to do so. You'll see what I mean, and hopefully, you'll be able to lend Me a hand or two in the effort.

And what is that effort? To explore the good in Us, on and about Our Island, that keeps Me and so many of Us in "outrage" instead of "rage."

A tad convoluted, but I gather almost all of you know what I mean. Capisce?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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