17 March 2008

Jenius Mind

Several times a week, I think of some topic I want to drop into these--er--pages and when it comes time to sit here and write them out, they simply disappear like soap bubbles in a windstorm. Obviously, that doesn't stop Me from clicking away about some other topic, but I find it interesting that what seems so ennervating while driving past a panhandler is diaphonous when bathed in LCD emmissions.

Rather than blame technology, I'll just list My general thought processes as to what goes into these--er--pages and what doesn't:

1) Does it bother Me?
That's the starting point and there is no real other option. If whatever is happening out there doesn't make some sort of impression on Me, why bother writing about it? And no, it doesn't have to bother Me in a negative way, but as you can see, it tends to lean that way.

2) Does it say something about Puerto Rico?
Some things are universal, and writing about them is fine. But I write about and for Puerto Rico, so floating universality isn't My cup of tea. If some topic bothers Me enough, then I'll make it about Puerto Rico. It's My blog, after all.

3) Are there other people talking about it, and if so, in what way?
Being a Jenius, I'd rather be ahead of the curve than eating dust. But every so often, I notice that the voices are many, and they are loud, and they are wrong. At that point, I'm not eating dust: I'm taking the True Path. (Yes, it takes ego to be a Jenius.)

4) Can I let it slide?
This is a relatively new step in the process, because there was a time when this Jenius was pretty much a one-note harbinger of doom. Call it My Blue Period, if you will. No more. Some things deserve slamming, some don't. And with Stupid Rosselló retiring 2.76 hours after having defeat shoved down his throat (didn't even wave at his "district" as he flew away), there are much fewer things that I feel need a good bitch-slap.

5) Who's going to read this?
Uh-huh, the secret's out. It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough for Me to (finally) mention it. There are times when I imagine The Picky Grammar Lady reading My words, or My Special One, or even My Mom. It hardly ever changes what I write, only that I note its possible impact. On rarer occasions, I wonder what other people might think, but I've never changed a word for them. And once I thought a while about what Global Voices might do with one of My posts. Didn't matter: It wasn't picked up.

6) Would I read it?
The last and pretty much the key point. I make no bones about the fact that this blog starts and ends with Me: My interests, My opinions, My angles, My feelings. But let's be honest here: If even I wouldn't read something I wrote, why should anyone else? Maybe I err on the side of writing for too small an audience (I am a Jenius, you know), but to Me the bottom line is that I do write and that eventually, someone will read.  Although as point #5 seems to indicate, the ones I want to know read Me are enough to keep Me going.

There you have it: A window into The Jenius' mind. Please make your way to the exits. The next showing will be in 48 hours...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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