31 March 2008

Pointing in Reflection

This won't take long...

A recent local newspaper article blamed most, if not all, of all Our social ills on the government.

Now, really.

It's obvious that I am not the local government's rah-rah boy, but to say that most of Our failings are due to those Fools is to be willfully oblivious to three simple, undeniable facts:

A) We elect most of the Fools and of those who retain their positions after proving themselves unworthy, all of them are there because of Us.

B) Government represents a minority of Us, both in number and in fact. There are more people outside of the government than in and the Fools speak for a minority of special and personal interests, not for a majority. That they get away with it consistently is Our fault.

C) Paraphrasing, the government can only help those who help themselves, who take a proactive interest in building beyond nearsightedness, greed and convenience. Letting the government run things amidst a wave of indifference is like letting monkeys run a china shop: It's only a matter of time before they break everything and bankrupt the place.

Although asking the media to see a larger context is a waste of time, I will suggest this: Blame the government, sure, but leave a good chunk of that blame for the rest of Us. And that, you clueless weasels of paper and airwaves, includes you.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


MC Don Dees said...

Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln: "government of the people, by the people, for the people." So in a way, I disagree with you and agree with the article. Because we are the government, especially when you consider that it is the largest employer on the island. Yes, aren't they GOVERNMENT-employees.

So in an unknowingly self-referential way, the article is right. The government (substitute the collective We or Puerto Ricans) are to blame for all of our social ills. And it's our social problems that drag us down.

Social derives from society, which is generally defined as a community or nation. So in another way, we all are to blame. For if you live here, then you are part of the community. And if you are part of the community, you are responsible for it's social problems. Yes, each and everyone of us. Why can't we all see this?

Gil C. Schmidt said...

MC Don Dees, We agree more than We disagree and it might be more a question of semantics than anything else. I'm sure We'll go over this once again and reach the same conclusion: It is up to Us to fix Us, not the U.S. or anybody else.