07 March 2008

More Pre-Primary Numbers

The projections I plopped here concerning the upcoming primaries were questioned by an occasional reader who called Me to whine, er, discuss that, in his view, Luis "Jellyfish Lite" Fortuño was going to kick Pedro Stupid Rosselló's saggy butt and that the media surveys backed him up on this.

My response: That ain't what the numbers I have say and I didn't put those numbers together. Instead of continuing to sidestep the fact that I presented the projections, I placed My own observations on the line:

---Stupid controls a sizeable majority of the party's infrastructure, from administrative staff to legislators and mayors.

---Stupid made "Jellyfish Lite" a key player by plucking him from obscurity to super-secretary status. That "Lite" muddled through without miserable failure was not seen as "Lite's" achievement, but Stupid's.

---Stupid has a track record of dubious achievement, but it is achievement, as compared to "Lite's" "wanna-be" potential.

---Stupid's stubbornness is often viewed as meaning cojones grandes, whereas "Jellyfish Lite's" more cerebral approach and demeanor are considered barely this side of gay. Who do you think the lowbrow crowd (a majority in the statehood party) will vote for?

---The media surveys are primarily led by anti-Rosselló interests, who in his knack for burning bridges, created enemies in too many places. However, the party powers have been consistently and vehemently keeping their message aimed squarely at the party core, and with the slipshod way surveys are slapped together (especially when the end result is already determined), these highly-trumpeted surveys are actually pure propaganda. 

More numbers: The predicted number of primary voters is 615,000, with Stupid getting about 346,000 votes (56.3%). Here are the projected numbers and percentages for Stupid depending on total voter turnout:

 Voters:         %  
425,000    62.9%
525,000    61.3%
593,000    56.3% 
658,000    54.9%
750,000    54.5%

And if 100% of the People of No-dignity Party vote (962,000), Stupid is projected to win with 52.4% of the vote.

Goes to show, the majority is stupid...for Stupid.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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MC Don Dees said...

Wow, did you ever miss this one Gil! I'm sure you're as shocked as many others were, but I have to admit I thought you were going to be right, so how bad does that make me?

"Milhouse for Governor!"