20 May 2005

Open Source Minds

Today The Jenius and More Geniuses will begin an advanced form of The Group, the gathering of minds first postulated in My April 11th post. (Look it up!) Called "Open Source Minds," this group will seek to exchange, polish and develop ideas with an eye towards improving Puerto Rico's progress in the Knowledge Economy. We have no "500 item agenda," no dues or fees, no positions: just an honest desire and clear track record of wanting to make good things happen for their own sake. And unlike others, We represent All of Us equally. None of this "high-sounding crap for personal gain" or "façade for created interests."

If you were not invited, someday you might be. However, and speaking strictly for Himself, The Jenius can tell you this: many of you won't be invited. Ever. The reason is quite simple: you don't qualify. You might think you do, but what you think about yourself and what your peers see are quite often two different things. You might talk a good game, but walk like a crippled yak. You might promise the moon, but deliver stinky cheese. End result: You are not worthy.

Is everyone invited to Open Source Minds "worthy"? No. That would defeat the purpose of "Open." But what happens to the "unworthy" when they discover their greed, insincerity, lack of commitment, incompetence and/or irresponsibility are revealed? (And the unworthy always reveal themselves.) Nothing. Nothing happens for them. The group, focused on positive results, progress, sharing and the future will simply move on, leaving the unworthy behind.

Why the arrogance? Why not? Didn't the ISOCPR claim to represent the entire Internet industry, would become one of the greatest chapters worldwide in 2 years and ended up being what the military calls a "cluster bang"? (Only no respectable grizzled soldier would ever use "bang") Did they ever get their act together, whatever that act may be? Does the Center for New Economy do anything except have "buddy-pal" meetings with established (and threatened) guardians of the Old Economy? Are any of the old guard associations--Retailers Union, Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturer's--actively concerned and proactively involved with the Knowledge Economy? Aren't they actually political cockfighting rings for senior members and wannabes? And aren't they all bastions of arrogance, acting as if they have the world by the tail when, in fact, the world has passed them by and what they are holding is best left to the imagination?

Maybe arrogance is the wrong attitude to have; The Jenius can see that. But unlike the other so-called "leadership groups," Open Source Minds favors voluntary action for broad results rather than personal gain. That alone is worthy of being noted, albeit without arrogance.

Open Source Minds will be important. It will have a profound impact on Puerto Rico's progress in the coming years. This is not arrogance, but fact. Far beyond whatever The Jenius could conceive of, Open Source Minds is a powerful engine for change. It doesn't rely on one person, or a tiny cadre of "insiders": it depends on the collective energy, imagination, talent, intelligence and will of an expanding community.

No, not everyone is invited nor is everyone worthy. What Open Source Minds will do requires people with higher goals, greater vision and a greater degree of maturity than the average. It is very likely that The Jenius is the least qualified to belong to This Group. But The Jenius would rather be a benchwarmer on a Championship Team than a star on a team of losers.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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