23 May 2005

OSM Lunch 001

The Jenius had a dream. One where a group of savvy, talented and dedicated people could get together and start exploring ways of making a better future for themselves, the industry and ultimately, Our Island. Dreams have a way of shining brightly, often far brighter than Reality. But not this time.

Friday's Open Source Minds Lunch was better than The Jenius ever dreamed it could be. At one point, The Jenius went 30 minutes without uttering a word, simply absorbing what was happening. It was an intense learning experience and this is only the beginning. That good things will emerge from this and future Lunches is a given; the only question remaining is "how much."

For the record, the following professionals were present:

Luis Correa, Refiéreme.com - luis@refiereme.com -- 787-637-9630

Kevin Shockey, SNAP Platform - kevin@snapplatform.org -- 787-410-2058

José Rodríguez, LasFinanzasPR.com - jgrodriguezaledo@gmail.com

Gilberto Faisca, LasFinanzasPR.com - gilberto.faisca@gmail.com -- 787-608-5731

Ricardo Forestier, LasFinanzasPR.com - rforestier@infogerencia.com

Iván Merced, Merced & Asociados - imerced@merced-a.com -- 787-598-7933

Diana Figueroa, T.I.P.S. - dfr_bluebutterfly@yahoo.com - 787-365-7618

William Cabán, UPR Internet2 - william@monids.org

Francisco Santana, VASA Consulting Group - vasa@vospr.com -- 787-645-5840

Oscar Cucurullo, Computers&Business Magazine - ocucurullo@millenniumla.com -- 787-530-7575

Roberto Filomeno, Freelance Project Manager - rofi@coqui.net -- 787-594-9473

Evelyn Tirado, Freelance Journalist - etirizarry@msn.com

Carlos Pérez Olmo, UPR Professor/Financial Consultant - Cpolmo@directway.com -- 787-531-7727

And what does this Lunch mean in specific terms? When a quality group such as this comes together, many benefits are created, but We'll just focus on one: the network. Taking a conservative estimate, say that each of these capable persons is connected to 5 other capable persons. Taking out 10% for overlap (persons that are already known to 2 or more OSM members) the Group at this Lunch immediately expanded their professional network by 54 high-quality contacts. Notice The Jenius emphasises high-quality. So many of Our "professionals" seek quantity without regard to quality and ultimately end up with their Outlook Contacts filled with data and no tangible results. If you seek quality first, quantity will emerge if it is needed. In any case, quality will trump quantity every time.

The Future is already here. Some of Us are doing something about it. And you?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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