05 January 2007

Gotcha Again, Stupid Rosselló

How the f#%@ did You know?

That expostulation came over the phone, from a friend of Mine, once a rabidly-fanatic supporter of Stupid Pedro Rosselló (I am nothing if not open-minded) and now is merely a lukewarm observer of The Stupid One's stupidities.

The question came because of My recent post where I imply--insinuate, infer, implicate--that the non-judge who passed on Stupid Rosselló's pension case (Ada López is the incompetent's name) may have been influenced by some link with The Stupid One in the past.

Two days ago, and just 4 days after My post, two local dailies trumpeted the connection and the highly-irregular confirmation process of the judge who turned out to be singularly blind to the weight of evidence against her nominator.

Just the facts:

--Stupid Rosselló shoved dozens of nominations into the legislative hopper as his second term mercifully ended.

--Now-judge López was rushed through the nomination process, along with many others. In López's case, her nomination was never approved by the 5-vote simple majority needed, falling 3 short.

--In fact, out of 15 possible votes, López received only the two votes and no recommendations whatsoever. And yet, she was approved for the bench, just like any two-bit scrub.

--In addition, López had worked with two of Stupid Rosselló's defense lawyers and has close ties to Charlie Rodríguez, a close ally of Stupid Rosselló. Despite this well-documented and public affiliation between the non-judge, the accused and the accused's defense team, López deemed herself "clear" of any possible ethics violations and instead of recusing herself--the honorable and wise thing to do--she decided to stay with the case and render a non-judgement worthy of Solomon...Grundy.

So why was My friend so upset? Because he was sure--sure--that I had overextended Myself, that I had bitten off more than I could chew, that I had stuck My everlovin' nose where the schnozz had no business being. In short, that I had screwed up and his erstwhile "hero" was truly in the clear from My skewerings.

Maybe next time, pal. Because for now, Stupid Rosselló is living what My father has often said is a depressing truism: "An idiot can always find bigger idiots to cheer him on." Add López to the list, pal, which numbers well into the hundreds.

And just so you know: When it comes to Stupid Rosselló, I'll be right every f#%@ing time.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

There are far too many ppl like that judge. I have met ppl at government agencies who should have quit when Sila won but stayed on with instructions to disrupt the agencies they work for. These ppl "lose" paperwork. Don't follow up calls and give contradictory info to employees. All because the calling of the Party and de statehood ideal is far above serving the public, doing a good job for them. Its a messed up island we live in.