13 April 2007

The Sty is Faking, Again

In a move so telegraphed it was like skywriting, Our pigsty of a government is snuffling again about shutting down because--grunt--there ain't enough money to last until June 30th. (That stampede you hear in the background are Our teachers rushing to an early vacation...again.)

Of course, Our media simply has to play the role of Chicken Little (Brains) and scream "The skywriting is falling! The skywriting is falling!" while pretending to portray the public's reaction to Foolish inanity as verging on "hysteria and panic."


On the other hand, you have business and economic pundits lashing out with comments along the lines of "We told you so!" and "What the hell?" Remember, last year's porcine ballet was carried out to shoehorn the sales tax into Our lives so the whole fecal fiction wouldn't be repeated. And yet...here it be again.

Did the sales tax work? Of course not: It wasn't supposed to "work." It's primary function was to create an artificial budgetary crutch and it serves that purpose quite well. Notice how it's being used right now.

Isn't the proper solution to this fake-as-a-Fool's-morality situation a policy of fiscal restraint by the government? Of course, but cutting budgets makes for cranky voters who vote against you, a fear so utterly paralyzing to a Fool that s/he will prefer to get in bed with the opposing party rather than do what's needed. Remember, the money "needed" to cover the budget is on hand: What's lacking, again, is the integrity to take the required Fool-wracking steps.

In recent days, legislation to tax unprocessed foods and set the Municipal sales tax at 1.5% (instead of allowing a 1% tax) were bandied about, along with talk of raising the overall sales tax to 8%. Woo-hoo! Like drunken sailors flushed with cash and just raring to catch a degenerate disease, The Fools have no intention--none!--of even thinking about restraint. They are pigs after truffles at this point, and lest you miss the point of My simile, truffles are fungi that grow in rot.

And We are the rot.

We don't have to be the rot. In fact, We really aren't rot. But letting The Fools continue this obscenely manipulative charade, aided by a media so bereft of a nervous system it classifies as a mineral in "20 Questions", is to embrace the status of rot like a drunken sailor hugs a whore.

And while I'm mixing My metaphors here, you know exactly what the sailor does to the whore, again and again.

Until the money runs out, of course.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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