14 July 2008

Haunting Headlines

--By request: My Son Kaleb's basketball team won its second championship in two seasons. He requested that I mention this, just to rub in the fact that I have not won a basketball championship. Yet.

--The freaking Miss Universe pageant came and went and to the gut-wrenching anguish of My local brethren, Miss Puerto Rico was not only not a semi-finalist (or whatever they call the first cut between losers and other losers), but Miss Venezuela won and Miss Dominican Republic came in second.

Talk about salt in a wound! Not only does that give Venezuela one more Miss Universe crown than Puerto Rico, but it gives the Dominicans bragging rights along the lines of "Ours was better than yours...by a mile!" Some will demonize Our gal for being a waste of time and effort (and $25,000 given by the local Fools), but in the end, it matters not a whit. It doesn't matter if she came in second or 72nd simply because the pageant means nothing--except as a distraction. Because now We'll have several rounds of media frenzy ranging from insipid to flamingly hysterical that will literally define "A tempest in a chamber pot." A used chamber pot, at that.

--In what passes for El Nuevo Día nowadays, what with Stalinesque purges of talent and total anal-centric vision of what a newspaper should be, the front page pointed out that 22 current Fools are not running for re-election.

Talk about a great start! Apparently a sizeable number of these scabrous idiots have decided to forego any future parasitism in favor of--well, something else. Some, like Pedro Stupid Rosselló have simply outlasted their welcome and never had any utility, so they're properly and finally cast aside. But in their statements, others seem to be dancing around the notion that times are getting tough and that the joyride the Fools have engaged in for damn near 20 years is coming to an end. And that would mean that from now on, the push would be for the Fools to start actually working for Us.

It's a simple proposition: If you are hired by someone, paid by that someone and have to report to that someone about your activities and results, then you work for that someone. Doesn't matter a fig if you are cleaning stables, serving fries, auditing accounts or occupying a legislative seat. The principle is the same: Whoever picks you and pays you for your job is your boss.

The problem has been the "reporting activities and results" part of the equation. It implies a relationship where "boss" gives a tinker's damn about what "employee" is doing. When "boss"--or "boss' assistant, the media--slack off or act like panting hydrocephalic puppies, then "employees" start acting like they own the freaking store.

One of two results will ultimately come about: (1) The boss comes back to kick ass, take names and get the right job done right or (2) The store fails miserably and the employees rush off to find work elsewhere. 

Guess which one is happening now?

There is a third option: Fire the proven failures and get some new people in. We've already got 22 rats scurrying; how about We run off the other 56? 

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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