08 October 2008

De Castr(a)o

Happy Birthday, Vi Marie!

Current legislator Jorge De Castr(a)o had 32 charges filed against it--him--by the F.B.I., covering fraud, money laundering and maybe even serial stupidity. As a public service, the F.B.I. told Us that the evidence against The Castr(a)o consists of 13,741 telephone conversations, 10,314 text messages, 26 audio and video tapes and 7 CDs of photographs.

Hoo-whee! Slap My butt and call Me Sally! That's a lot of stuff!

Take notice that over 5,700 of those phone calls were recorded with the consent of one of the parties involved. (For all you statehooders out there: That consent wasn't given by Il Castrao, okay?) So this pile of evidence (and what's behind it that wasn't mentioned), leads to couple of thoughts, a couple of conclusions and a prediction:

Thought #1: All that evidence was needed. One or two tapes are enough to bust a person, even a two-time treacherous senator of a colonial backwater. 

Thought #2: All that evidence ties Il Castrao to dozens or even hundreds of people. Unless he was calling a sex line 43 times a day...

Conclusion #1: The evidence piled up because Il Castrao may have been the initial target, but he isn't the only target now. 

Conclusion #2: This arrest has nothing to do with the elections: It simply indicates that Il Castrao has served his purpose and the investigation can now move on to other targets before they can react.

Prediction: Another major political figure, and a few business/industry leaders will go down in the coming weeks. If I were to name a possible political target, I'd go with Orlando "CowMan" Parga, Il Castrao's crony in the "Don't kick me out of the party I'm just doing my job" debacle. And given Il Castrao's past party allegiance, don't be surprised if an across-the-aisle senator is nailed. Because after all, greed makes strange bedfellows...even for castrates.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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