18 March 2009

Venting, Vending and Inventing

I just have to get a few things off My chest...

First of all, take a peek over at Dondequiera, where Don Dees is picking up on dying canaries in Our coal Mine. (Er, I mean "mine." Force of habit...) Although he's a Genius, it doesn't take that or a Jenius to see the economic writing is on the wall, fence, street, telephone pole and stripper's butt: We are killing Our economy by not making it more accessible. 

Flea markets proliferate. Street vendors pop up like mushrooms. Work-at-home is now an open venture, not a secret to be hidden for fear of appearing "unprofessional." If you have a job in these troubled times, you are clinging to it like a barnacle on the Titanic. If you're smart, you're looking for a revenue stream, not a job.

The problem is, most people aren't smart, at least not in that sense. They want the "security" of a steady paycheck, though that "security" comes at the cost of being under-valued and treated like a throwaway commodity. And when throwaway time is here--and you bet your bottom dollar it's here in spades--your "security" is now as valuable as a politician's last dozen lies.

So opening a business, starting a new revenue stream, selling your talent, time and/or some products becomes a truly viable option. Except. Except that Our Fools have made going into business an absolute enema of a nightmare.

Nothing We haven't discussed before. But now, when the time has come to open up the economy to those who seek to make something good happen instead of sidewinding through the rotting carcass of a busted system, Our "leaders"--The Larva (non)governor We elected and his opposing-though-allied Fools--are trying to make the whole damn process even harder and more expensive.


Meanwhile, take a gander at this little snippet of information I just found: Ireland has launched an Ideas Campaign aimed at getting citizens to propose solutions to rebuilding the country's economy. In essence, a nationwide Brain Squad.

Why does this also cause Me to vent? Because My post was going to answer My Brain Squad post's closing question on how to launch such an effort without government money. In other words, I was beaten to the punch on what I was going to propose. By Ireland.

Geniuses. The same kind of Geniuses We could be if We did the same.  

And if you think We have a real choice in this matter, that We actually do have other ways to drag Our butts out of this mess, please join the idiots and leave the rest of Us alone.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


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