26 August 2009

Somewhere In Puerto Rico

Somewhere in Puerto Rico, a teacher pours her heart and soul into a job her students barely appreciate, their parents never thank and the system does its best to stomp into mindless drudgery.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico a government employee does his best to circumvent petty politics, office politics, psuedo-political power struggles and politically-induced bureaucracy to render just service to the citizens he serves.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico a minister tends to his church members with an eye towards their spiritual health and not his bank account's.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico a police officer does her daily best to enforce the reasonable laws and minimize the damage that stupid laws and widespread abject indifference to them causes.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico a doctor takes the extra minutes his patients need to feel secure--to feel valued as a person--and charges the ruptured health system exactly what they value that time at: nothing.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico a journalist struggles against a tidal wave of pure hypocrisy, incompetence and outright lies and fights her way to the kernel of truth in an important story--and is ignored because it isn't gossipy.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico a parent turns to his or her child and says: "No more TV. Let's read."

Somewhere in Puerto Rico, a bank officer says yes to supporting a small business based solely on his instinct that the person asking for the money will pour his life into never letting the bank down.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico, an entrepreneur is shaping a vision of her world as the vessel she will pour her life into...if she can overcome the dozens of needless obstacles Our Fools put in her path.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico a lawyer is evaluating a case and deciding that it can be handled in his office, quietly, briefly and for little pay, instead of clogging the judicial sewage pipe with more garbage litigation.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico a contractor is adding that extra load of cement to the construction his company is doing because cutting corners is not acceptable, no matter what his industry says.

Somewhere in Puerto Rico, someone wonders where those other someones are.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Antigonum Cajan said...

Somewhere in Santurce,
endemismo set trends,
kick butts, propagates and
publishes an inventory
with a hundres species.

GCSchmidt said...

Uh, okay...

Antigonum Cajan said...

Am I your biggest, faithful fan?