08 March 2010

Fiscal (Mis)Education

This won't take long...

A long-anticipated Federal raid on Our (Mis)Education Department showed that:

a) Our handling of Federal funds ranks up there with baboons playing shogi;

b) Receivership is in the eye of beholder, and

c) We get horrendous results for the money in hand because We aim for horrendous results.

Get that look off your face: Of course We aim for horrendous results. How else can We be so damnably consistent in Our miseducation system?

By any standard of measurement, We rank as the the worst education system in the U.S. of part of A., which in itself ranks barely in the Top 20 worldwide. Maybe that means We rank somewhere between 20th and, oh say, 44th in the world. But We spend--between Our taxes and Uncle Sam's imperial largesse--more money per student than almost anywhere in the world. We rank in the top 15 States and according to some methods of determining school expenditures, We rank in the Top 5 in dollars per pupil.

So: Top 10 (on average) in money-per-student, Top 35 (or so) in the world in results.

The conclusions are painfully obvious: We are wasting Our money, Our children's precious time and blasting an ever-growing gaping hole in Our future.

We are like the pathetic dweeb who spends money trying to achieve a goal and ends up barely hanging on to subsistence-level living out of his car. Only We are crooks as much as much as dweebs.

When you have "supplemental education service providers" more intent on "counting heads" than achieving results, you have crooks.

When you have "teachers" more intent on holidays and paid leave than on academic achievement--their own and that of their students--you have crooks.

When you have an "education department" more intent on the color of party affiliation than any other damned thing in the freaking world, you have crooks. Scum-sucking crooks.

And when you have a system that allows crooks to flourish, you can't only blame the crooks for the thievery: you can blame the system creators and supervisors for lacking the courage to fix it.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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