30 May 2011

DIY Economy: Part Two

A friend of Mine looks at the cycling community that he passionately participates in, understands many of them drive down to Cabo Rojo to take in some of the best cycling and mountain bike routes on My Island and figures he could open a bike storage and maintenance facility down in Boquerón.

Another friend of The Jenius noted that of all the items on his late, lamented café's menu, his baking had been a huge draw. So twice a week, he bakes a variety of cakes and muffins and sells them on a route in town that takes him to several offices, stores and a couple of cafés that use his desserts as draws for their own menus. His house, built from the ground up based on his own designs, serves as a beautiful backdrop for private gatherings such as business parties, cocktails and weddings. It's where Mrs. Jenius and I got married, to rave reviews.

My favorite mechanic closed his shop down, took a part-time job at a large dealership (supervising major repairs) and now does home visits to tackle a wide variety of auto repairs. If he needs to move the car to a shop, he supervises the work and charges a fee...paid by the other mechanic. That keeps the repair cost reasonable and the other mechanic gets a well-screened repair job brought to his shop's door.

Let Me introduce you--again--to the Do It Yourself Economy, the "streamlined service," just-add-creativity, save time and money, grass-roots level part of Our economy. It isn't magic, it isn't "settling" and it isn't illegal...except in the eyes of the crooks running Our legal and commercial system into the ground. The illegality--technically--is that these are cash-based businesses (largely) and that it is a very safe bet that the cash goes unreported. It is exactly--let Me repeat this: EXACTLY--what Fools and other crooks in government do--receive cash and never mention it--but because these are small businesspeople providing a legitimate service in an open manner, Fools hate it. It makes their illegally-gotten gains look bad.

I belong to this DIY economy and have for many years. When the overall economy was growing, the DIY portion grew as well: a rising tide lifts all boats. As the economy contracted, the DIY portion shrunk as well and when things got long-term tight, the DIY sector blossomed. And what Fools fail to understand, blinded by greed and the moral fiber of satanic hyenas, is that the DIY economy proves that We can develop businesses and that We could do it better and faster if the fucking government got out of the way.

But therein lies the rub: the government, Our government, doesn't want grass-roots businesses springing up. They threaten the status quo, the powers that be, the "old economy" that wants their power bases protected, their customers locked in and their profits invested someplace else, so that their power bases remain protected and their customers stay locked in.

Proof? Just look at the list of businesspeople that """allegedly""" gave bribes to ex-senator Jorge "Il Castrao" De Castro.  Here's a partial list, of businesspeople and lawyers, from the linked article: Carlos Castellón ,Wilson Colberg Trigo, Aileen Mudafort, Yolanda Benítez, Luis Rivera Siacca, Ralphie Pagán, Santos Alonso, Porfirio ‘Alex’ Brito, Freddy Maldonado, Tito Morales, Frank Trógolo, José Torres, José Vélez, Noel Ramos, Rafael Vizcarrondo, Joel Katz, Frank Kolodziej, Matías Fernández, Roberto ‘Tito’ Cacho, Luis Benetti, Juan Santiago, Greg Cortéz and Julio Méndez.

Now many of you don't know who these people are. Your proof about their status and position in terms of commerce and profession is that they were the names "selected" to be in an article describing a convicted hyena and his cronies. But their presence here is in regards to the DIY economy: these "old economy powers" have the money and lack the moral fiber, so they bribe, cheat and steal to try to keep and expand what they have. The laws are made by the very people they bribe. So when it comes to the DIY economy, the more these assholes rig the game, the more they force the rest of Us to find ways to avoid their game. 

The hyenas don't get it. We don't kick the hyenas out. We increasingly build businesses that thrive on the margin of the law. It is a delicate balance that will collapse, and in fact, it should. For Our only super-abundant resource is Our people's talent...and We're wasting it in corruption and marginalization.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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