25 July 2011

Moron Fools

[Jenial Thaks once again to Janine Mendes-Franco for making The Jenius visible on Global Voices Online, what with My post on pay-per-performance for Fools, which leads Me to...]

More on Fools. Or My way: Moron Fools.

Yes, it's brilliant. I accept your wild applause.

According to a Rasmussen Reports poll, quoted in Misch's Global Economic Trend Analysis (My pre-dawn chai-sipping read of choice), only 6% of those polled feel Congress is doing a good job.

Six. Per. Cent. SIX. Need I point out that this is a record low?

Think about this for a moment. In what endeavor, process, procedure or system of Our daily lives do We tolerate a 6% "Yeah, We think that's okay" approval? 

There isn't any. Why? Because they are either eliminated as useless or replaced by something that works.

And yet, Congress--emphasis on "con"--keeps sliming along. Replace it? We should, but We don't. Too much money--most of corporate--creating too much inertia. And We can't eliminate it unless We throw outhe whole kit and caboodle, which come to think of it, sucks almost as badly.

So here's an idea, or rather, a series of ideas from Tim Siedell, over at The Huffington Post. Briefly listed, they are:

++ Every president is to be a clone of George Washington.
++ Make the Vice-President a symbolic office with teeth--literally: a T-rex.
++ Give smartphones and apps to every citizen so s/he can vote on every issue. (His corporate slams in this idea are worth the read.)
++ Give $1 million in yearly salary to each congresscritter...and have them wear a webcam 24/7/365.

(Why do I add "365"? To avoid the murderous moron's definition of 24/7 which to him meant working "24 hours a week, 7 months a year.")

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Now wait a minute...Tim's on to something here. Cloning? Possible, but George was dull and dull don't cut it on da boob tube. A T-rex as V.P.? Sounds okay, but feeding the brute sounds like a real hassle. Smartphones as daily voting booths? Stupidity and cupidity would rule? Million a year salary? Eliminate the legal bribery called lobbying and I'm okay with it.

But 24/7/365 webcams on congresscritters? Do it. Now. Absolutely. Right to privacy? They aren't called "private servants," are they? National security? Ha! Congresscritters harm Us far more through their corrupt votes and non-votes than any dozen terrorist groups. Too much information? We get barely anything now, and if there's something history has proven, democracies die when information is "spun" all the time (Fox Noise, anyone?) and/or throttled for "security" (Patriot Farts, anyone?).

So let's give Tim a hand and one as well to The Sunlight Network that, back in 2006, challenged Fools at the state and national levels to be totally transparent with their daily agendas. I commented on their Punch Clock Campaign and suggested I'd even help publicize the agendas of local signees of the challenge. None ever did, of course.

But they should. And since they won't do it on their own, I'm suggesting We force them to. Short of the webcam, a daily agenda for transparency. And if they won't go for that, then I'd really push the T-rex idea and teach it to feed on carrion...what congresscritters and Fools are made of, anyway.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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