04 December 2012

Innovate? Hell No, Imitate!

Recently-elected (faux)governor Larva Lite--uh, AGaPito...--uh, let Me try again... Alejandro García is working hard----to "reinvent government." Sounds good. Worthy goal. I'd tip My hat to him if I wore one. (That's funny if you know Me.) Let's give him a hand!

Across the face. As in bitch-slap. Because even a Larva Lite knows that this whole "reinventing government" shtick is older than dirt and just as smart. It's a publicity stunt with the agility of a pre-Ramses I mummy...tightly wrapped.

No, it's not about innovation. If We had the capacity to innovate, to truly be creative about reinventing what passes for government, We'd have a penthouse rather than an outhouse. The fact is, We have the creative capacity of a brain-damaged lizard when it comes to making Our government "better": Our lizard-brain jerkwads and fanatical stupidity make government "better" only for greedy assholes who smarmily fuck the rest of Us.

Yeah, that's the kiddie version. You should have read the adult version...

So screw all this hullabaloo about "reinventing" Our government. Larva Lite might as well try to make giraffes sing La Traviata or reunite missing socks with their lonely left-behind sad socks. (That made Me giggle on a couple of levels...) On a scale of "Done" to "Not a fucking chance in hell," Larva Lite is so far from "Done" he'd need the Hubble to even see the outer edges of "Not a fucking chance in hell."

So what is your suggestion, O Jenius of the Potty Mouth? This: imitate.

Two examples. The first is Germany, home of beer, Wienerschnitzel and Wagner's comic touch. Here's their claim for imitation: "Germany says it will achieve (this year) a fully balanced budget across all layers of government this year thanks to a resilient economy, low unemployment, higher tax revenues and low borrowing costs."

Bam! Done. Look at that list! "Fully-balanced budget." "All layers of government." "Resilient economy." "Low unemployment." "Higher tax revenues." "LOW BORROWING COSTS!"

Holy shit. That's like, made-to-order for Us!

What? You don't think that's possible? That list is too, well, pastel en el cielo for Us?

Ukrainian Prime Minister, not half-assed Nazi salute.
Agreed. Larva Lite can only do what a Larva Lite can (barely) do.

So here's what he and his ilk should imitate: Entire Ukraine government resigns.

Yup. They up and quit. Took a look in the proverbial mirror, saw the shitstorm they were in and decided to just turn tail and get the hell out of Donetsk.

Can't blame them. It's the right thing to do. Let other people take over, you know, smart, dedicated, results-focused, talented people. Let the cream rise to the challenge rather than dropping dregs on dregs.

And to those who say We should wait until Larva Lite and his ilk actually get into government before telling them--or demanding--that they quit, here's My response: they won't make a positive difference. Our government is wrecked, no matter who paws the steering wheel and grinds the gears.

I wish We were headed for Germany's example, but the fact is, the Ukraine shows Us Our best path.

I wonder how you say "Ay bendito" in Russian...

The Jenius Has Spoken.


David said...

If this government resigned en masse, the Larva and the resident slug, who has stated he's officially campaigning for 2016 would do exactly the same things Larva Prime (a.k.a. Lobby Larva) has done, but worse. We know there were, as Yoda would have put it, "others".
I guess both parties aren't worth their weight in bullcrap, but most people believe in them, not in themselves.
We're the perfect description of Einstein's definition of madness. Either that or the embodyment of Sisiphus. And we know why Ricky is living here and working at the UPR. Do you think the debt/pensions H-bomb will be/can be put off 4, 8 or 12 years more? If it depends on these sects, it'll be more like 60 years. Don't forget most people count on Uncle Sam to solve our problems as if he were the Statehood Madonna. Our dire straits do serve a purpose for a minority. And we don't have to be Germany even if we build like if we were them. I'd be happy with those enterprising Dutch or Finns. And Iceland with their networked population and clown mayor could also show the way. I guess what terrifies most is really having to sit down, think, plan and work. Again, Uncle Sam and his pixie dust will make everything right.

GCSchmidt said...

David, your comment about many of Us believing in political parties rather than in themselves is so perceptive, insightful and accurate I hate you. So I'm stealing it for Myself and never ever giving you credit for it. So there.

For those wondering what the "debt/pensiuons H-bomb" is, read this post, titled "Dead First": http://gilthejenius.blogspot.com/2012/11/dead-first.html

Folks, We are headed for very deep doo-doo.

I like that you mentioned the Dutch and Finns, for they have done wonders with "small" economies that manage to turn the world on its ear. Latest example: former Nokia employees coming up with a new cell phone/platform) called Jolla. Aimed at China (300 million+ phones expected to be sold in 2013 alone!) That's thinking "Can do!" rather than "Can't try."

Thanks for dropping by and making insightful comments, even if I do end up googling "how to make voodoo dolls."

Just a coincidence.

Of course.