26 April 2006


When The Jenius was a wee lad, He was introduced to the schoolyard game of "Chicken". Two boys, two bikes and they ride slam-bang towards each other until one veers off, thus becoming the "chicken". After two "chicken outs", The Jenius decided that ramming was better than getting rammed or sneered at, so He began riding through His opponents...who quickly learned not to play "chicken" with The Jenius anymore.

My bike lasted a couple of months before becoming scrap metal. In the few weeks "Chicken" dominated Our playtime, I wrecked the bikes of about 10-11 kids. Aside from minor scrapes and bruises, We didn't get hurt very much. But Our bikes...

The current political crisis in Puerto Rico--with threats of a government closure--are nothing, and I REPEAT, nothing but a game of "Chicken"...and We're the bikes.

Let's cover a few points here:

1) Except for the fanatically blind partisans (of which We have so many), the obstacle in this made-up "crisis" is clear: legislators. That the invertebrate governor We have (okay, Aníbal Acevedo is his name) is also to blame is not denied, but the bottom line is that the money issue is being held up by the legislators.

2) There is no real lack of money. What is lacking is a sense of decency and responsibility by The Fools in government. In order to pursue a solely political agenda, they have created a false economic "crisis" and continue to pursue it for solely political goals.

3) Recent history shows what the result will be: Back when Newt Gingrich and his Republican majority were riding high on President Bill Clinton, the politically-savvy Clinton threw down the gauntlet of closing the Federal government unless his budget proposal was approved. (Same situation here, folks, but with dumber Fools.) End result? Government shutdown, Newt's meteoric rise crashing to earth and Clinton's popularity--and thus influence--surging to new heights. Because in this politically-motivated "economic" crisis, the bad guys are always the ones who deny the money. And even a spineless nebbish like Our governor has figured that out. (Problem is, he lacks charisma, emotional intelligence and will. Other than that, he's okay.)

4) The legislators charged at the governor in a new game of "Chicken". Because he had no choice left, the governor decided to close his eyes, grab the handlebars and ride straight at whatever would happen. From Sun Tzu to The Jenius to Bill Clinton, the truism holds: full commitment is a powerful weapon. The legislators, too feeble-minded in their nature and political whirlwind to peer more than 11 minutes into the future, are going to have to veer off and let the governor ride through. If they clash, they lose, for as I said before, they are the one denying the money. The legislators have no choice but to give in. And when the solution to a crisis is obvious and must be implemented, there is no crisis, only rhetoric.

Close the goverment? Go ahead. Maybe that will wake up the masses who act more like bikes than thinking beings. But it won't come to that, for The Fools know their vampiric link to public monies could be taken from them if they so openly take the monies from the public's pockets. However, unlike My games of "Chicken", the bikes in this one seem to never run out.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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