19 April 2006

What We Can Do

Just as The Jenius is struggling to put a framework on an entire series of related-but-apparently-random thoughts, the powerful eye and mind of Dave Pollard are already mapping the territory. In what is an amazing post, worthy of being reprinted in as many forums as possible, Dave gathers together what We can do to actually make a difference.

For simplicity, I have listed the actions, but the true value of Dave's post can only be experienced by directly reading it. The actions list makes you see a path: the essay will open your mind to a brighter, more personal, future.

Two years ago I put together a set of 15 actions that anyone can take to help create a new relater-sharer culture, a new, sustainable, collaborative and egalitarian economy and a new, responsible political system. I thought it would be useful to integrate this 'what you can do' list with actions that I have argued need to be done either as top-down political actions (institutional changes to public policies, programs and laws), or as peer-to-peer grassroots collective actions. To do so, I have regrouped the 15 actions into four categories:

* Personal learning and preparedness actions (things you do alone)
* Personal actions you do one-on-one (exemplary actions that show the way for others by example)
* Personal actions you do as part of community (collective actions)
* Personal actions you do to bring about high-level political and economic reform

The result is summarized in the above diagram. Here is an explanation of the 15 actions, sorted by category:

Personal Learning and Preparedness Actions:
. Learn and Practice Critical Thinking
. Re-Learn How to Imagine
. Reconnect With Your Senses and Instincts
. Be Good to Yourself

Personal Actions You Do One-on-One:
. Listen, Learn, and Teach Others
. Volunteer
. Stop at One and Encourage Others to Do Likewise
. Be a Role Model
. Infect Others With Your Spirit and Passion

Personal Actions You Do As Part of Community:
. Share Your Expertise & Knowledge
. Find and Do Meaningful Work
. Use Less Stuff
. Become Less Dependent
. Pioneer

Personal Actions You Do to Bring About High-Level Political and Economic Reform:
. Become an Activist

Dave is no cockeyed optimist, nor is he a doomsday herald. He is a rock-solid realist who wants to make a better world. For many reasons, that's the best description The Jenius could ever give...or hope to receive.

The Jenius Has Quoted.

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