13 April 2006

Goal: World's Best 10K

[Okay, another brief, but bitter, aside: Why is The Jenius the 6th MSN Search result for "fashions for large bellied women"? Curse you, Microsoft!]

I will run The World's Best 10K next year, set for February 25th, 2007, and in doing so, I will raise at least $10,000 for educational purposes.

Let Me point out, I have never run 10,000 meters at one time. I may have run more than that in My college summertime of 8 hours of sport a day, and I used to run 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) three times a week in Tae Kwon Do class, but to run 3 times that distance, a week's worth of class-based running in one day, is definitely a challenge.

Also let Me point out, I hate running just for running's sake. My angle on this is that 500 feet is enough to run out a home run or score a touchdown, so if for any other reason I have to run more than 500 feet, then I either give them My money or let it bite Me.

So why am I going to do this? The challenge. The chance to make a difference. The potential glory of success. The possibility of failure. The chance to run across a bridge twice, just because it's there.

I'm going for a record, a personal one, but also one that The Jenius hopes will be imitated by others who also wish to make a difference in their own way. As a starting point for My preparation, here's some sage advice I endeavor to follow:

1. Set your performance goal well in advance, and tell someone else. The goal should represent a realistic extension of your abilities. Putting the goal "on the record" early does two things. First, it gives you time to prepare thoroughly. Second, by telling someone else, you COMMIT yourself to the task ahead in a concrete way, not just as wishful thinking. This is important those days when NOT TRAINING would be a very easy alternative, or when the intervals [training runs] are really starting to hurt.

2. Choose a time and date for the record attempt. It might not happen that day, but by stamping a time on the goal, you create a point to work back from and design your training program around. Get it right and the peak in performance capacity will carry through several weeks and more than one attempt if something unforeseen happens, like a downpour on race day.

These suggestions come from an article about Haile Gabrselassie's goal to regain the 10,000 meter world record. The suggestions made sense to Me: Commit early and in public. Plan. Push hard. Prepare for your best, expect the unexpected and be flexible.

I hope Kaleb, My son, will see Me run that day. I expect to fulfill My time goal and raise the money (based on pledges of "X dollars per minute under the target time".) And if My amazing friend Don Muchow would run with Me that day, I'd be triply-blessed.

February 25th, 2007. I'll be ready.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

So, are you ready for Sunday's WB 10K?