20 April 2006

Make Mine a $Million Business

Despite advances in attitudes, laws, economics and societal mores, women are still marginalized in the business world. It isn't as bad as it used to be, but around the world, it may be getting worse.

But rather than click Our tongues about the rest of the world, We can focus right here, exactly what Make Mine a $Million Business is doing. Not lip service: lip-sticking. (Yvonne doesn't mind Me borrowing her term...I hope...)

There's three tiers of support here:

1) A campaign to pledge your business to achieving a million dollars in revenue by 2010. Nothing like public commitment to a shared goal to galvanize efforts.

2) A business community aimed at breaking new ground in providing support to its members by encouraging diversity, focusing on personal development and thus expanding support beyond business issues.

3) The acceptance that women will be--are!--the center of change.

Drop by the website and take a look around. The Jenius is betting that the future of business growth is right in front of you at that moment. If you'll allow Me an analogy: when cells are separate, they compete; when they unite into one entity, they cannot simply compete, but must cooperate. The global village increasingly frowns on competition, and who knows more about cooperating through difficult times: men or women?

Case closed.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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