11 April 2006

Nobility Lost

nobility: n. 2) the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character or ideals or conduct.

I came to the word honestly: an elderly gentleman, prefacing his remark by saying he never made this kind of comment, said I was "an example of nobility that foretells a good future."

From his vantage point of nearly 80 years' experience, his words carry weight. (That they are complimentary to Me also carries weight. But I digress...) What was so moving about his comment was the simple fact that to him--to many of Us--nobility is no longer common.

Of course, the word itself has a meaning if exclusivity, usually granted by birth or inheritance. In these democratic days of political correcteness, infused by the spirit or malice of individualism, such thoughts are classified as harmful, prejudiced or obscenely biased. But nobility also evolved to mean a kind of behavior, a social standard, a code of ethics and conduct that exemplified the highest ideals.

Is that so bad? Is striving for and acting according to high ideals something We must eschew in order to "be Ourselves"? Or are We just settling for less simply because settling for less is so "liberating"?

You know the answer, even if you refuse to admit how much of it applies to you. Nobility is a bad word precisely because it reminds Us of what We should be, but have turned Our backs on. We expect less of Ourselves, expect less of others (or demand more of others in hypocritical fashion) and thus accept the world is going to hell around Us...but it ain't Our fault!

Yes it is. We shape the world around Us, whether We choose to acknowledge that fact or not. "Settling for less" is not and never has been the formula for success, but that's the formula that permeates the world We live in.

And lest you think The Jenius is riding a high horse, let Me point out that the gentleman's remark, on a strictly personal level, was based on a couple of hours in My presence; the real proof of his observation is largely yet to come. But his observation on a general level is accurate from even before he uttered it: "Nobility foretells a good future."

And you may have heard this one before: the choice is Yours.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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