08 July 2005

10 Ideas A Day

Few suggestions ever made can deliver powerfully positive results: this is one of them. Without a doubt, you will see dramatic improvement--guranteed improvement--if you do the following:

---Write down 10 ideas every day that can improve your business, career or any other area of interest in your life.---

Yes, it is that simple: Write down 10 ideas, every day, that can improve your area of interest.

At first, you may act surprised: "Ten ideas? Every day?" Although We consider Ourselves "creative," is it possible to come up with 10 new ideas, every day?

Yes. Like many things in life, it looks harder than it really is.

Go beyond your surprise and look at what's being asked of you: To focus your thoughts on positive results for the things that matter most to you.

"To focus your thoughts..." The power of concentration is unlimited.

"...on positive results..." The power of optimism is the bedrock of Success.

"...for the things that matter most to you." Without priorities, nothing is important, nothing is achieved.

Ten ideas a day will generate 300 ideas in one month. Just writing down 300 ideas is a treasure chest that you could spend a lifetime reaping its rewards. You really only need one idea to propel Yourself into the Future You want.

So if it only takes one, why write 300? Or 500? Or 1,130? (Yes, The Jenius has been at this for 113 days.) Because the quality of your ideas rises with the quantity of ideas you generate. In plain words: the more ideas, the better the ideas. It's a law of nature, one You can use to build the future.

One We can all use to build Our Future.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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