26 September 2005

Vi Marie: Infomediary

Take a minute and drop by this site.

Daily Computer & Business News is a project initiated as a one-stop source for business, technology and Internet-related news and it is managed by one woman. Her name is Vi Marie.

Every weekday, Vi Marie scans over 330 feeds to select some 45-60 items of interest and posts them for review. In a sense, hers is the most basic of blogs, a collection of interesting links with a unifying theme.

But what exactly is Vi Marie doing?

1) She is collecting and indexing information for third parties, in essence, fulfilling the role of infomediary.

2) She is teaching herself research skills congruent with most academic, commercial and professional interests.

3) She is learning about the current trends and developments in the chosen topics, ones that serve as springboards for a variety of efforts, from writing to consulting.

4) She has, over time, moved from general "grab bag" postings to more focused "business-oritented" posts. This is important because it not only reflects a personal interest (she is free to select all items), but she has also developed a "feel" for what is most valuable.

5) Based on this "feel," Vi Marie is now able to anticipate what could become important. Her knowledge is now aimed outward, at the "value point" of the blog's reader, who basically represents the average business person.

Daily Computer & Business News is as simple as a list... and as complex as a library. It is the product of one woman with a method and the discipline to keep the process going every day. Vi Marie is sharing knowledge in time-saving fashion, a valuable service in this day and age of chaotic overload. But the ultimate benefit will be in her hands, as she begins to act on what she can see over the horizon better than the rest of Us.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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