07 September 2005

Techno Sapiens: Roberts and Branson

Hot on the heels of The Incomplete Manifesto comes a pair of shorter lists that aim at the same general target: your creative success. The first is from Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, a major worldwide advertising agency.

Kevin Roberts' Credo

1. Ready. Fire! Aim.
2. If it ain't broke...break it!
3. Hire crazies.
4. Ask dumb questions.
5. Pursue failure.
6. Lead, follow or get out of the way!
7. Spread confusion.
8. Ditch your office.
9. Read odd stuff.
10. Avoid moderation!

Most of you will probably find this list easier to absorb, remember and put into practice than a 43-item manifesto. Different strokes and all that. But if you still found it too long, try Sir Richard Branson's 5 rules:

Sir Richard Branson's Rules:
1) Follow your passions.
2) Keep it simple.
3) Get the best people to help you.
4) Re-create yourself.
5) Play.

In any case, notice how the pursuit of creative power leads to a vision of life that is far from the beaten path. We invest so much of Our Time--of Our Life--in work and careers that settling for drudgery and routine seems criminal. Even if your chosen path is one that The Jenius or anyone else might find "boring," doing it with passion, engaging it with flair and vivid imagination cannot help but be a life-affirming and life-enhancing attitude. And it will lead to developing your best efforts.

Manifesto, credo or rules, they all give structure to freedom. Choose it now.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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