20 November 2006

For The Record

A few things that should migrate from My Mind to the blogosphere:

Correction: The person who has selected My posts for Global Voices Online is not really Ethan Zuckerman, but Georgia Popplewell, of Trinidad & Tobago, whose Caribbean Free Radio features a lively, interesting podcast. My Thanks to Ms. Popplewell and here's to more sharing.

If you've seen the colorful Visa commercial with the CGI-enhanced whirling cavalcade of intricate actions in a fantasy breakfast cafe that grinds to a catastrophic halt when a guy pays in cash, here's My reponse: Screw you, Visa. I for one am happy to grind your debt-slavery treadmill to a freaking halt. And if any of you think I'm over-reacting, think about this: Mismanaged credit, as portrayed in "easy spending, instant debt and gratification" campaigns by the banking and credit industry, is the single largest cause of money problems in the U.S. And that goes for the government as well. So let Me repeat: Screw you, Visa.

A so-called man kills two people and gets away with it when the so-called legal system acts like a constipated cat and coughs up one of the ugliest hairballs in judicial history. Now that same so-called man, O.J. Simpson, gets paid to speculate "How I Did It." (Yes, the title says "If", but We know it really says "How".) O.J. is a murderer twice over: That is fact beyond doubt. For the first time in My life I'm tempted to call him a word I've never used, but though "murderer" fits him to a "T", the "n" word--barely--doesn't.

The sales tax cometh and taketh away: Early results indicate a larger-than-expected dropoff in retail sales. Hell, economists have said for decades that if you want to reduce something, tax it. Now tack on to this how Our slimy legislators are getting a cost-of-living adjustment to cover the 7% sales tax while simultaneously trying to exempt themselves from paying it (military stores) and you have the makings of some serious smackdown in the near future. Maybe We should ask O.J. to come here and "not" do The Fools any harm...

Stupid Rosselló. Bears repeating.

To Gabriel, who asked what radio station My upcoming show will be on, it's WUCP 88.9 FM, every Monday, from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. The show launches November 27th and you can hear it over the Web at www.catolicaradiopr.com. (Yes, the station belongs to the Catholic Church. Somebody has to spout sense from there, no?) The show's segments will be uploaded later this year on the show's website, so feel free to suggest topics, people and themes and We'll do Our best to make 'em happen.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


H. Lewis Smith said...


Los Angeles, CA., Author H. Lewis Smith has written a thought provoking, culturally divided book that will not only spark heated conversation, but can also bring about real change. The N-word is often used in the African American community amongst each other and is generally not a problem when spoken by another African American. However, once the word is used by a Caucasian person, it brings on other effects. The question is "who can use the word and why?" Smith believes it is a word that should be BURIED!!!!

The book is written in a manner that all can understand. The points are
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H. Lewis Smith has studied the idioms, meanings and the psychological impact of words, its energy and vibratory effects on the human mind for more than two decades. He has been a guest on several talk shows, The Power, The Exchange, Andrea Williams’ Jamin 98.3 and many more. To learn more about Bury that Sucka, please visit http://www.burythatsucka.com

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info! I normally don't have a radio handy at that time but I will download when available. Podcasts are a wonderful medium. Catolica Radio and other religious media and movements have plenty of positives. I am glad they are doing quality business/technology shows. Its a shame so many associate Catholics Church with clergy child abuse and overlook the good they do.
OJ is a piece of excrement. I am glad his show and books are being boycotted. I thought it was bad enough when he did the candid camera show earlier this year trying to sell the famous Bronco. I never thought he and his associates would go so low.
Ro$ello is not stupid, the bastard is quite crafty. He is surrounded by stupidity and mediocrity and doesn't bother to hide his true intentions because he knows there are almost a million idiots willing to vote for him in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! I am working up a "DESTROY YOUR CREDIT CARDS DAY" and a website... I tried to record one of mine being microwaved the other night... it was great- it burst into flames... however the microwave messed with my video.

Anyway, I appreciate your tirade.

Unknown said...

I know ppl who take a new credit card every year and balance transfer for the older ones. Then they keep using some of the older ones while paying the minimum on the new. This are the same ppl that use those buy now and pay in 2009 offers. They think its the greatest thing but when you asked them how they plan on getting out of debt or what would happen if they lose their jobs they look at you as if they don't know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving turkey: $10 + tax

Christmas presents: $300 + tax

Truth by the Jenius: Priceless

(overdone, but still funny....oh Master Card)