08 December 2006

Direction, Discipline, Excellence, Success

This won't take long:

Aníbal "The Information Solider" sent Me this in an e-mail:

Subject: Simple motivation---Right up your alley

[You can click on it to get a better idea, but read on if you're in a hurry.]

Here's My response:

So cool to know you read Lifehacker, too! It's one of My daily "Start" pages and I often find useful info. In this case, I was suprised to see this item because since last year, My cell phone has a four word "mantra" (I thought it was just a screen item until I read the Lifehacker post): Direction, Discipline, Excellence, Success.

I wrote that on a whim, to keep Myself focused on what I often tend to slide on. Whenever I see Myself not succeeding as expected (like I have been recently), I can trace the path "down" to excellence (Am I doing excellent work, of high value, to My clients?), or discipline (Am I doing enough to make consistent progress?) or direction (Do I have a goal?)

At this point, I'm screwing up in the basic level of direction, so that's where I need to make changes. Until I fix that, the rest can wait. Once that is set, I go "up" to discipline (plan my work, work my plan), strive for excellence and success almost always follows.

Okay, that's it. Break up into discussion groups and discuss.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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