29 December 2006

Stupid Rosselló (Not) On Trial

Lady Justice is blind. In this case, We have a lady judge who's blind and incompetent to boot.

Stupid Rosselló--first name Pedro, second name Stupid--is facing charges of fraud for filing false claims in order to up his government pension to the maximum allowed by law. Despite the fact that key people involved in the case, such as the former director of the Mental Health agency, have already been found guilty in matters related to this pension malfeasance, judge Ada "Scarecrow" López didn't see reasonable cause for a trial.

Why "Scarecrow"? Think The Wizard of Oz...

Here are the facts so you can decide:

1) Within 60 days of becoming governor, Stupid Rosselló requested an analysis of his retirement benefits. Yeah, that's what leaders should do from the get-go: Strap that parachute to their asses!

2) Over the next several years, on eight separate occasions, Stupid Rosselló was told--in writing--that he did not qualify for a maximum pension because he would not have served for enough time in government work. Not one, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, but EIGHT times Stupid Rosselló was told "Uh-uh, dingbat." My conclusion: Stupid Pedro doesn't know how to read.

3) Shortly before leaving office in 2001, Stupid Rosselló filed papers claiming he had served summer terms between 1962 and 1964 at the Psychiatric Hospital, giving him enough time-in-service to qualify for a maximum pension. The former Mental Health agency director signed off on this--and was found guilty for it--because Stupid Rosselló was a Harvard student and a tennis player in Jamaica during those years' summer months. The proof was actually provided by Stupid Rosselló as far back as 1991, when he was a candidate and he offered his resumé to the press.

So let's add this up to give Ms. Judge(ment)--oh what a clever pun!!-- some MUCH needed help:

--Stupid Rosselló didn't serve enough time to qualify for a maxed-out pension. Proof: Stupid Rosselló himself stated this long before becoming governor.

--The government itself told Stupid Rosselló he didn't qualify EIGHT times, lady...eight FREAKING times. Do you think... he got the message? Do you think... the situation was still muddled in Stupid Rosselló's pointy head after all that? (You can believe that if you truly believe Stupid Rosselló IS stupid, instead of using that as his "defense.")

-- DESPITE the repeated "nyets" Stupid Rosselló filed papers that LIED--LIED you pathetic excuse for a judge--about his activities that were already--already, you pathetic excuse for a judge--a matter of public record.

Now the issue is clear: A person acts illegally to gain the unearned. Is that enough to go to trial with? I'm no judge--ranking as I do so much higher on the evolutionary scale--but money gained through lying is something the law frowns upon, don't it? Especially when it involves elected officials and public funds, right? And that means--correct Me if you can, lady no-judge--that said person should be put on trial because the evidence--in large part supplied by the alleged committer of fraud himself--is heavily weighed against him.

Unless, of course, maybe perhaps, that person has some sort of--say, tie--to you, oh lady judge of the vapid cranium. Does Stupid Rosselló have some link to you, some connection in which he may have, say, "elevated" you to some piece of furniture, like a...bench? But that doesn't mean a thing, don't it?

You know the answer to that one, don't you, lady no-judge? At least you know the answer to something.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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