30 December 2006

Me As A Global Voice

If you click over to the this page in the Global Voices line-up, you will find The Jenius represented with 7 sidebar postings, of 20 all told.

That's right: At the moment, I am 35% of the Caribbean's voice in that corner of Global Voices blogosphere.

Impressive, huh? A Puerto Rican, from an island not really deemed to be "Caribbean" except in location, has emerged as a leading voice within that geographical region. Who'da thunk it?

Do I deserve credit for this? Of course I do. I write because I want to, feel a need to and do it well enough to attract attention. But not all the credit is mine. Part of it goes to Ms. Georgia Popplewell and Ms. Rebecca MacKinnon, who have chosen the posts. I'm sure they could have chosen many others, so I thank them for selecting Mine.

Is this really important? It is to Me, though it isn't one of My Life's greatest achievements. I am proud of this as I am proud of doing well in other endeavors, and I hope to continue doing well. But that doesn't mean I'll write to get selected: I've never done that. I'll write because I want to, and if My words are still deemed representative enough of the blogworld's emerging voice, then I'll continue to thank those who chose Me and bask in the warm glow feeling that My tiny pebbles are making ripples.

For that's what's important here: making a difference. In the larger scheme, My posts are the gravitational equivalent of a handful of sawdust...but they are doing something. It's more than what most of Us can say and yet still less than what many of Us do every day. In the end, I can point to that page and say: I'm doing My part.

And I look to do more.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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