24 June 2007

The Pending Disaster

I'm surprised We've gotten this far into 2007 without a major political disaster. Something like last year's "Let's fake an economic crisis and shut down the government," a veritable Special Olympics where the governor, legislators, agency heads, teachers, union parasites, economists, bankers, the media and so-called analysts paraded their naked idiocy, greed and lack of common sense in a spectacle worthy of Bedlam.

Unlike the hurricane season, the political disaster season is not limited to a certain part of the year. Because We have a full-time legislature (no capital letter for they do not merit it) for no other reason than to give the blood-sucking Fools 24/7 access to the public aorta, the potential for seeing these scum-sucking vermin spin out of control and create another train wreck in Puerto Rico's progress is highly likely.

Here's where it might come from:

---The tax revenues are shown to not even come close to what was expected and needed, forcing a move to a lower budget, a tax increase, more extraconstitutional debt, bond values dropping a little to rock-bottom and 4,763 versions of "This is for the good of Puerto Rico," all of which are lies.

---The primary between Pedro Stupid Rosselló and Luis "Larval Jellyfish" Fortuño creates a whirlwind of party moves that spill over into bills written to (a) pave the way for Stupid Rosselló to increase the rate of return to stateside companies and (b) enhance Larval Jellyfish's chances for spearheading a Congressional push for a status resolution by--what else?--increasing the rate of return for stateside companies. The difference will be where the major push is angled: Stupid's angle will be economic and Larval's will be political. Either way, We get pronged.

---The economic and organizational collapse of the local Education Department, the largest budget item in Puerto Rico, will begin with frantic finger-pointing and hand-wringing (neat trick, perfected locally in the 1970s), scale up to massive wailing by the guilty parties, be fanned white-hot by a media who can't spell, can't speak and can't think (thus proving to be perfect specimens of local education) and spill over into an economic Tunguska when the Federal millions lost are quantified. We're talking "scorched earth," for there's really nothing worth saving in that cesspool.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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