28 September 2007


Is it fair to say that Puerto Rico has a self-destructive streak?

On the surface, My first answer (and that of most of Us) would be to say "No, no more than any other country." For all intents and purposes, this question is as intangible as an imaginary soap bubble, but within that intangibility there lies a rock-solid observation: We hurt Ourselves too often.

This conclusion is entirely subjective, for each of Us has a different point of perceiving how much hurt is too much. You may even argue that a society such as Ours, that isn't war-torn, drug-addled, tyrant-controlled and/or unnaturally-devastated cannot really be "self-destructive." But even within the subjective mode, even with the overall condition of "functionality" that We tend to exhibit, We can still see an alarming tendency to self-destructive behavior. And the fact is indisputable: It's getting worse.

People flee Our island for northern climes. Not the poor and thus desperate, but the marginally well-to-do and the oft-proclaimed "highly-educated."

Violent deaths remain high, but the overall pattern of these deaths is spreading beyond its concentrated nucleus of drugs to encompass a larger segment of Our society.

The Fools are increasingly vicious in their utter incapacity to simply focus on Our most pressing problems. They spend more time and energy on fancy clothes, internal squabbling and name-calling than on education, health care and security. As for the economy, they are criminals, outright de facto criminals acting against Our best interests and Our properties.

And the criminality pervades Our police force, as it does Our unions, Our medical profession, Our legal system and even Our churches.

Our unions are led by hypocritical hyenas who shred their constituents with howling pleasure.

Our medical profession is gutted by greed, supervised by thieves, managed by morons and subjected to increasing pressure in salvaging a desperate situation created by the profession...up in the U.S.

Our legal system works for money and for no other reason.

And Our churches spend more time butting into politics and political issues--with some barging headlong into bedrooms where they never belong--instead of striking a path that rises above the mundane.

Is this the behavior of self-growth? Are these observations overly-harsh?

Nearly every major union in Puerto Rico (teachers, electrical workers, aqueduct and sewer employees, government employees) is run by a pack of extremely well-paid, long-ruling hyenas. The only subjective word in that previous sentence was "pack." (The correct term is cackle. Haha.)

The local medical profession is increasingly built on sub-par performers who can't make the leap to the U.S., following those who often do to chase dollars. The trapped ones remain in an addle-pated government-shat system that undercuts their authority, forces them to under-treat or ignore patients with the cronyism of insurance companies and yet everybody involved expects the local galenos to somehow fix what was broken decades ago in the U.S. of part of A.

That Our legal system works for money--and nothing else--is not an original or incisive observation. It is a merely a "no clothes"-level remark about a system that cannot dispense justice because it lacks any viable mechanism for either recognizing or defining it. It's like asking a whore for love while she does you: If you got money, you'll get "love." And a disease.

And lastly, Our churches, chasing dollars, huddling up with Fools, splitting hairs to the point of micrografting and making such a racket that the quiet lessons of Truth are simply buried under fetid noise. Funny how the churches are often against so much and yet stand for so little. Seems that the positive messages of love, charity and tolerance that are part of every major religion in the world have become in Our island forgotten seeds in the hands of mud-slinging frauds.

Overly-harsh? Not at all. If anything is over the top here it's the sheer consistency of Our path to self-harm. If anything is overwhelming here it's the sad empty answer to the question "What are We doing to overcome it?"

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

"Is it fair to say that Puerto Rico has a self-destructive streak?"

It's not only fair, it's the truth.

"What are We doing to overcome it?"

Not a damn thing, not a damn thing.