14 April 2008

Time to Do Good

The local Treasury department, a popular source of attention these days, keeps reporting that tax revenue is falling short of expectations. In fact, the government is taking out additional loans from its own bank to keep their vacuum of anti-progress sucking the life out of Us.

Sure, oil is skyrocketing because We're beholden to a cretin, a murderous moron with the morals of crack skank and a posse where he's "the virgin". Sure food prices are rocketing upward as transportation and ill-conceived policies make the fewer crops grown more expensive to move from Point A to garbage dump. And sure, Our bubble-wrapped economy, a form of I.V.-pricked bloated blood-baby feeding corporate and bureaucratic greed may have reached a crisis point, but it's an election year and what can We expect when everything here grinds to a angst-stuffed halt as The Fools cavort like simian lunatics?

We can expect to make a change.

Uh-huh. As you wallow in the black depression these words blanket you with (your choice, I might add) note that the true underlying sentiment to that dark mood is not "But how do I make a change? " but "Let others make the change."

You know I'm right. Shake your head, get miffed at Me, but as the old Archie Bunker poster used to (almost) say: In your heart, you know I'm right.

You don't want to make a change, you really don't. You want the change to happen, to your benefit and without any messy effort on your effort. Messy as in "Actually do anything."

So listen up, hermanos y hermanas of Our Island: Making a change starts with actually wanting a change. Wanting. Not wishing. Not waiting. Wanting. What's the difference between a wish and a want? A wish is someday. A want is now.

And by that single, vital difference, now is the time to make the change. And before you get all pissy again, here's the key: Pick whatever you want to change. You don't have to fix Us across the board, you just have to help fix something. A rutted street? Good. Too many strays in your neighborhood? Good. Making drug addicts move away from your street or the kid's playground? Good. Start a campaign against a crooked Fool? Good. Clean up your favorite beach? Good. Help schoolkids get better grades? Good. Point out good deeds and heroes? Good. Spread some cheer at retirement homes? Good. Join a volunteer group to bring attention to a particular problem? Good. 

It's all good; what makes it excellent is your focused effort. Many small changes add up to monumental change and where We are right now is not the waiting room. But small changes, and large ones, have to begin somewhere, sometime and with someone. You're that someone.

And if you're sitting there asking yourself stuck on "Well what's in it for me?" you're exactly the kind of numbskull Our society has specialized in creating and the primary reason We are stuck as We are now.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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