07 April 2008

The Murderous Moron in History

Some things don't need consensus. The Ten Commandments are pretty good rules to live by, if you downplay the egotistical Top 3 a tad. (Egotism being such a turn-off, you know.) Being rich is better than being poor, even if the poor grossly outnumber the rich. And the murderous moron in the Oval Office is a historical jackass.

Beyond question.

Harper's magazine, that historical cul-de-sac of an Americana that existed really only its pages, writes about George Mason University’s History News Network report where 109 historians were polled and 61% called the murderous moron the worst president ever, and 98% of them call his moronic regime the worst presidency ever.

Geez, ya think? Shredded and "wiped his ass" with the Constitution, lied the country into a damaging war, ravaged the budget, raped the economy, acted time and again above the law, denied basic legal and human rights, destroyed the country's international support base, strafed the environment, subverted government processes, conspired against his own citizens, as well as severely undermining U.S. power and influence and thus created such a suckiferous black hole it could take decades for the country to recover...if it can.

In terms of unpopularity, the murderous moron is often compared to Nixon-during-Watergate. There is no comparison: Nixon was beseiged for lying and trying to cover up a "third-rate burglary." The murderous moron makes that look like a Sesame Street boo-boo. That this, the worst president ever, a murderous moron rampaging like a demented drunkard through the most powerful country in the world, is still in office means that the worst president ever exists because the U.S. between 1999 and the present is, without question, the stupidest U.S. there has ever been.

Made for each other, as history is already attesting.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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