21 May 2008

Ignore This Too

There's a tendency We have in Puerto Rico to very selectively ignore issues that are eating Us alive. Some examples:

--Our status vis-á-vis the U.S: The only ones who really focus on this issue are the Fools. However, they focus on it so badly and to such a laughable degree of idiocy that We would be better off if they simply dropped the matter altogether.

--Our deteriorating infrastructure: From schools to roads to public facilities, We're going to hell in a (broken) handbasket. The efforts We make are largely patchwork: What We need is wholesale redevelopment, beginning with communications.

--A monolithic economy: From a Third World-type banking system (one huge central bank and wanna-bes as satellites) to an "all eggs in the pharmaceutical (broken) basket," Our economy has the trappings of a poker game played with ice cubes as chips: It's just a matter of time before the game is all wet...then ends with everyone broke.

--A rising tide of tech-savvy youth: Why is this bad? We have nothing to offer them to keep them involved with Us. We bore them with inadequate resources at school, We oversell them in all media while underselling their talents and We curtail their entrepreneurial spirit with enough red tape to choke a whale. When they start leaving--a trickle in 2010, a flood by 2015--you'll wake up in tardy dismay.

--A political system so warped it actually represents outside interests better than Our interests. Who is "outside"? Check where the money trail leads to. Here's a hint: It doesn't stay in Puerto Rico.

Ignorance is bliss. No wonder We're so happy as a people. At least most of Us are. The minority that sees and feels these issues cannot ever rest easy, but toss restlessly wondering how We came to lay in this (broken) bed.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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