05 September 2008

My Vote for Head Beggar

This won't take long...

The Head Beggar--a.k.a. Resident Comissioner of Puerto Rico in Washington--is a sucky job. No voice, no vote in Congress and you roam the halls of über-power without any. Your job is to somehow finagle more and more dollars from the grubby paws  of Uncle Sam's misbegotten children and send it down with much fanfare to Uncle Sam's better-if-forgotten children.

But Our vote for governor is paired with a vote for Head Beggar, and despite the proper relationship of My gubernatorial vote--Spongebob Squarepants--with close friend Patrick Star, I find that Mr. Star is far too gentle a soul for the demands of Head Beggarship.

Therefore, I pondered (weak and weary?) on who should receive My Head Beggar vote. I envisioned someone undaunted by massive doses of open, direct rejection while able to continue his inane efforts at achieving the unmerited. Then I added the idea that this person could somehow evoke, openly and without constraint, the real feelings of the grubby misbegotten children roaming the halls of über-power, those representatives in body politic and mind pedantic that have taken Our indecision and turned it into self-serving indifference.

And on those criteria of implacability in the face of rejection and evocation of what's truly in the minds of so many in the U.S. of part of A., I will proudly--smilingly!--cast My vote for Head Beggar for none other than Pepe LePew.

My Orange Sharpie will have plenty of work come Election Day...

The Jenius Has Spoken.


1 comment:

The Insider said...

If you do not control a voting block, then it sounds like you need to control someone else's voting block...

Sounds like a PR issue, as in "Public Relations". Firstly, PR (as in Puerto Rico) needs to decide whether it wants to (a) be independent, (b) remain as a Commonwealth, or (c) become a State... and THEN choose the right option --> C.

Then start using public funds to get the attention of the mainland Americans in a massive PR campaign.

Use someone else's voting block via media exposure/carefully crafted campaign to WIN your own voting block.

So far... other than Hilary/Barack's visit to the island... most media coverage is either for Miguel Cotto or a few cheap shots in a Hollywood movie.

Maybe if one of those hurricanes would stop missing us, we'd get some attention. ;)