01 September 2008

Law and Leader

The ideal governor for Puerto Rico--an idea I've touched on before--was back in My Mind after MC Don Dees, of Dondequiera fame, indicated that his choice for the technology of greatest impact to Us would be "law and order."

Here's My original list, (almost) devoid of My sparkling commentary:

1) Male
2) Non-Black
3) Under 50 (in age) (in IQ We got ALL of them...)
4) Mediagenic
5) Angry
6) Gregarious
7) Tunnel-visioned
8) Short-termed

I don't see any reference there to "law and order," or in fact, any type of authoritarian slant. bent or angle. Is Don Dees wrong? Is--gasp--The Jenius wrong?

No. What Don Dees is talking about is making law and order an actual priority, to renew its fundamental role as a platform for Our society. What I'm talking about is one person, who, to become the leader We need, would have to embody the traits I outline above.

Can the leader I describe achieve the law and order society Don Dees envisions (and I wholeheartedly want)? Maybe.

Can We achieve the society envisioned without the leader I describe? No, unless We want greater chaos than We have now.

The power of one person to galvanize a group or a society is that rarest of human intangibles, resting on an almost-infinite variety of characteristics, but predicated on one simple, undeniable fact: Without massive personal appeal, no leader can make wholesale changes in a society.

Because such leaders are rare, because even the rare ones have to work with and through the society they wish to change and because politics attract the ungulate cult of the expedient, the odds that the law-and-order society will come about by a "golden touch" leader are almost nil. Instead, We'll most likely be subjected to a moron using underhanded and strong-arm tactics, largely based on fear and lies, to create an illusion of law and order.

Read the U.S of part of A. into the above paragraph, for I wrote about it in there.

Is Don Dees wrong? No, he's spot-on about Our dire need for law and order. Is My vision of an ideal leader for Puerto Rico wrong? No, We need someone to step above and outside Our crap, while staying connected to Our heart. What disturbs Me is that We're much closer to imposed "law-and-order" than to any semblance of a true leader. And in that imbalance lies a host of ills We'd do very well to avoid. 

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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