29 August 2008

Recycled Garbage...Not

This won't take long...

Recycling efforts in Puerto Rico are few, far between and largely ineffective. The best government estimate of their impact on the total amount of garbage We produce is less than 1%.

Less. Than. 1%.

That's like licking a brick wall in hopes of tasting ice cream... The estimate lacks true weight because it is not based on any true statistical study*, but let's say it's off by a factor of 100%, in other words, it grossly under-estimates the impact of recycling. That error, the one the government would NOT be expected to make, still leaves Us with a barely a 2% overall impact of recycling on an Island that "boasts" the highest level of per capita garbage production in the world. 

Why are We engaging in so much effort for so little return?


1) There's federal monies in them there recyclin' hills. Where there's Fed funny money, there's funny farm freeloaders ready to rip it off.

2) It allows for political public relations at the Mayoral level. Those trucks and trash cans have to say something, right? So how about they just mention Old Melon-Head Mayor while We're at it?

3)  It doesn't matter how well it's done so long as it is done. What gets measured gets improved. Corollary: What gets measured is worth improving. Footnote: Repeat * above.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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