18 August 2008

Plug This

Here's Our latest solution to an energy problem: A really long extension cord.

Imagine a 1,000 kilometer (600 mile) extension cord running from Colombia to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Yeah, that's Our current "energy solution."

This is like shooting dead fish in an empty pain can...

A syphilitic-twin of the "natural gas tube" idea, the extension cord has all the earmarks of Government Idiocy: big, visual and utterly useless. Think "Super Tube" to drain water from where it's needed to where it's wasted, "Urban Train" for submicro-urban use and a "Super Port" in the third-best location along a 7-mile coastline.

Sound bites. Distractions. Boondoggles. Misuse of public funds. Corruption. Waste. Idiocies on permanent display. That, in 14 words, is what We're looking at here.

For even with the most even-handed and generous analysis of Colombia's current reality, one cannot avoid the basic fact that drug cartels are a major--almost certainly the major--influence within the country. Plugging into that reality is not exactly a path to quiet nights with the A/C humming. For the equation is simple: Drug money follows power. 

Literally, in the case of Our proposed 1,000 kilometer extension cord.

The problem is not Colombia, but Colombia's (sociopolitical) power structure. For if Puerto Rico plugs into that, how long before that "pseudo-underground" drug economy starts making inroads here?

Let Me be redundant: The problem is not Colombia. The problem is what happens when We hand over access to Our power to some people who crave that access.

Do you honestly believe that a 1,000 kilometer extension cord will solve Our energy problems? And then, beyond that, that actually laying out that cord will not--in some way--open the door for drug cartel money to ooze, then flow, into and through Puerto Rico? More than it does now?

The problem is not Colombia, I have to repeat. The problem is Us, who think that Our solutions to vital problems are a matter of "big," "goofy" and "entertainment."

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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