15 September 2008

Political Microcosm

This won't take long...

Cabo Rojo's Mayoral race features a black woman, with 6 years' experience as Vice-Mayor and one as Mayor (the dude died), running against a white serial entrepreneur who made his way up from difficult circumstances, but also has a slightly-checkered past.


A woman with job-specific experience. A black woman from middle-class origins. Forms part of the political malaise that hit this town and keeps it wrapped up in a cloud of unfinished destruction dust. 

A businessman with a proven track record of managerial success and connected to influential families. But no government experience. And, if no skeletons in his closet, a few bones rattle nervously. 

Cabo Rojo was the first--and so far, the only--town to elect an independent candidate for Mayor in Puerto Rico's history. No independent candidates this year. Only a choice for Top Job between experience-with-abetting-malaise versus inexperience-with-possible-potential.

Hmmm... Sounds familiar. Very, very familiar.

"All politics is local." -- Tip O'Neill

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Cuerpos en Movimiento en tu Casa said...

There is an independent candidate in Cabo Rojo: a white woman named Janice is asking for your write-in vote.