24 April 2009

Carlitos Way Ward, Part II

After three horrible marriages that ended in gut-wrenching divorces, the kind where crockery gets smashed and legal writs fly like confetti, your parents await anxiously for your next fiancée to be presented to them. You've told them you're serious this time, that you've seen the light, you've gotten the message and that now--this time--you are going to find the right person.

So imagine your parents' shock at presenting them with a skanky crack whore.

Would you expect your parents to embrace you with loving arms? To give you a pat on the back and say "She'll be like a daughter to us?" Would you really expect them to continue to give you support, especially when your previous fiancées were miles above skanky crack whores? Would you expect them to respect you anymore for openly lowering yourself to the level of skanky crack whoreness?

So you can imagine how the Federal Department of Education feels right now, when they open the door to see "Our choice," the one who will "become part of the family" of federal entitlements and see a convicted felon, a moral failure who's already proven at least four times that his word to the government is crap. A loose-headed cannon who confuses whim with vision, who when in his own words, was "unfairly targeted" with "no reasonable basis to support the allegation" of drug use, refused--refused--to take a drug test, a decision that makes no sense whatsoever if the persecution, as so brazenly alleged, was falsely based. False accusation of drug use? RUN to take the test and PROVE it's wrong, then you can do and say whatever you whimsically choose to. 

Afraid the "false accusation" will prove to be true? Then RUN from ANY potential chance to reveal it.

We can't run, in this case, from what is a fait accompli. Our MisEducation Secretary Carlitos "Three-Time Loser" Chardón has made his choice, unfortunately in Our name. Daddy Thomas "Tantrum" Rivera and Mommy Luis "The Larva" Fortuño have embraced the choice, who knows with what moral sense, if any. So it will be up to Us to run this ill-made choice away, to simply reject a decision so putrid, so ridiculously devoid of character that it boggles the mind to think that Carlitos couldn't come up with a list of 50 others much much better-suited for the job in under 2 minutes.

"Certainly, if an inquiry concerning an applicant's criminal past is to mean anything at all, then a knowing misstatement in response to that inquiry cannot pass without penalty. Should no punitive action be taken by any of the appropriate authorities in response to Ubiñas's lies, then others with criminal records would not only not be deterred from concealing this relevant information, but would be all the more encouraged to follow suit; those individuals with criminal histories would certainly know that they would stand a better chance at the job if they concealed their past, and, in any event, would know they would go unpunished if they were caught."

Quoted from page 22 of the Investigative Report, Case #91-460, June 19, 1991, of one William Ubiñas, current Director of the Puerto Rico Department of Education's Office of Federal Affairs.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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