13 May 2009

Cartoonish Characters

I made a list of six names, six names known to many of My peeps here in the hood. And it instantly dawned on Me that each was actually a cartoon character come to life:

--Current (non)governor Luis "The Larva" Fortuño, who by his insipid physicality is a dead ringer for Waldo of "Where's Waldo?" fame, is actually Dilbert's Pointy-Eared Boss, talking mainly to himself, clueless to an nth degree and easily dominated by a dog.

--Thomas "Tantrum" Rivera, lead pack member in what passes for the senate here is Grumpy, a cross-armed, frowning, barking dwarf from sunrise to sunset. If he ever actually met Snow White, he'd wet himself.

--(Mis)Education Secretary Carlos "Limbaugh is My Bitch" Chardón is actually Baby Huey, pretending to be big, naive to the point of idiocy and unaware that his diaper is showing.

--Current Baby Huey appointee to the Federal Affairs Office of the Department of (Mis)Education, William "I'm Paranoia's Bitch" Ubiñas, is--who else?--Dopey, the hanger-on, a dwarf best left mute and best kept away from everybody else. If he ever met Snow White, he'd snort her. Again.

--Former (un)governor Aníbal "The Jellyfish" Acevedo, he of the recent exoneration from fraud charges is Kenny, of "South Park" fame: No one really knows what he's saying, he punks out like clockwork and yet he's still--annoyingly--there. 

--And Former (con)governor Pedro Stupid Rosselló is PePe Le Pew, a malodorous beast wooing no one interested in him and tolerable only by other skunks. Or by dogs who no longer have a sense of smell. 

No sense in extending the list to seven, ten or twelve: six is more than enough to taint the joy of cartoons for an afternoon...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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