11 May 2009

Lazy Or Stupid?


Plumb laziness, as they say in the South. Or maybe not.

We are lazy.

By "We" I mean My Brethren here on the Island of Enchantment. How else can anyone explain the widespread and deep indifference We have to the crumbling nature of Our chaotic corner of the world? Indifference? That's just being too lazy to care. Despair? That's just being too lazy to make an effort. Ignorance? That's just being to lazy to learn...or too stupid.

Okay, now you've done it. You just crossed the line from "Hard-nosed-but-fair-analyst to insulting-jerk-possibly-racist-pig." It happens. Let's see where it leads Us.

If We're to choose between lazy or stupid, Let's be thorough and take them both at the same time first: Are We lazy and stupid?

Aside from the obvious candidates (Okay, since you force Me to: 72% of government employees [including teachers], 64% of Our so-called "media professionals", 48% of fast food employees, 34% of Our police force and 23% of Our politicians. [The other 77% are sub-humans.]), if We were vastly lazy and stupid, We'd be the mindless drones of a more capable, astute group who treat Us like feebs while slyly giving Us the illusion of power and choice when We actually have neither...

Bad example. But it strikes at the core of the matter: Are We lazy or are We stupid? Because from where I'm sitting, it very much could be that We're both.

Too lazy to seek solutions; to stupid to see that tough solutions are needed.

Too lazy to stand up for Ourselves; too stupid to see that it is Our only option.

Too lazy to learn about the world; to stupid to see that there actually is a world out there.

Too lazy to work at building; too stupid to see how much We're destroying.

Too lazy to find out truths; too stupid to see that truths need more than faith.

Too lazy to earn; too stupid to see how complicated Our begging really is.

Too lazy to praise; too stupid in Our criticism.

And if you think that applies to Me, I'll just say I'm lazy...the rest is up to you.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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