25 May 2009

7 Shots, 5 Answers

So seven shots were fired at Our Capitol building, pinging against the walls of the legislative outhouse in some atonal staccato rhythm. Nobody was hurt. And of course, there are questions, to which, of course, I have answers.

Question One: No, I didn't do it. I don't have an alibi because I don't even know when the shots were fired, only that they were. 

Question Two: Yeah I wanted to do that...and more. I believe hundreds of people would answer a quick "Yes" to Do you want to take some potshots at the Capitol building? We're fed up. No, strike that: We're fucking fed up. These walking bags of excrement masquerading as political leaders have taken advantage of Our massively-blind partisanship and massively-blind indifference to turn Our Island into a laughingstock of non-progress. Shoot them? I'd welcome a firing squad or two. For now, We'll have to settle for shooting at them.

Question Three: No, this isn't a bad thing. For one, no one was hurt. For another, the audacity of the act (or convenient cowardice, if you wish) speaks of a decision taken to act because the act itself was deemed necessary. Like taking aim at a rabid dog's head, these shots were fired for a reason, and the fact is, many of Us can find legitimate reasons for such an action. Now you or I may disagree with the person's or persons' reasons, but they had one or more. And if they didn't have a reason, if they did it only because the outhouse was there and they just happened to have gun handy as they drove by, the very attempt says something about the perception of the legislative herd and it isn't good.

Question Four: A conspiracy needs a convenient hook, a plausible-sounding reason that makes a person say "That could be" and then the theorist (lunatic, idiot, propagandist) erects a house of cards that can only stand if the "That could be" premise seems real. There is no conspiracy here, no outlandish plan to have shots fired at the Capitolio to then push measures augmenting security and expenses for the legislative vermin inside. No, this was a random act, applauded by some, decried by a few and ignored by everybody else. After all, why get worked up over chipped marble when We can't get worked up over two murders a day?

Question Five: Yes, I wish it had hit one or two of the Fools. You can make your own guess as to who.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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