05 October 2009

Puerto Rico Is Unraveling

This is serious.

The safety blanket/net of Our society was always the sycophantic and mendacious largesse of political chicanery that gave jobs and spread tax monies to keep the whole charade lurching along.

Our economy has stalled and even gone backwards, evidenced by the ever-growing number of empty storefronts, unsold houses and shuttered businesses. In previous recessions, the government--under whatever party's idiotic notion of leadership at the time--stepped in and mortgaged Our future to falsely secure the present. Now, in this, the deepest recession since the nightmarish 1930s, the government is hacking away at the numerous leaden barnacles to keep the ship of state from sinking fast. It is shocking to most of Us, this adjustment to reality. We refuse to accept it. We react like whiny red-faced toddlers whose trinket has been taken. And the next stage is a full-blown screaming tantrum.

At the risk of mixing metaphors, the fabric of Our society is unraveling. We are literally coming apart because the threads that kept Us bound in uneasy catatonia are being yanked. Most of Us believe they are being yanked by the sorry excuse for a (non)governor We have, Luis "The Larva" Fortuño. Most of Us are wrong. The problem started way before he ever became a spineless twit.

I asked a man who had to flee Argentina in the late 1970s because his life was endangered for simply being a journalist. This man has spent nearly 25 years living and working in Puerto Rico, raising two families and watching daily events unfold. He told Me he had begun to feel the same anxiousness he felt in his native land, long ago, when "You could feel things were falling apart, but you also felt there was nothing you could do, that the time was coming when the society you felt was always secure was going to turn into a nightmare."

We have thrown away Our economic future in an oligarchy's pursuit of political power. We are now undermining the safety valve of the corrupt fetid system--government jobs--paid for by voters who were slitting their own throats instead of slitting the vermins' necks. Protests are planned and The Larva's own chief of staff--one Marcos Rodríguez--throws fuel on the fire by pre-emptively calling the protesters "terrorists." Allow Me to explain, Marcosito "Protesters Are Terrorists": If the thought of people protesting what their government is doing to them makes you think "terrorism," you are a craven coward, a stinking part of the problem and worthy of being dismissed like a fart in a windstorm.

How bad is The Larva at picking people? Marcochinito is the third of his hand-picked candidates who makes disrespectful and asinine comments about most of Us: one advised that the poor simply didn't deserve good things and had to accept that others did deserve them, even if they were built with taxpayer money and on absconded public lands. Another insulted a group of environmentalists simply because they opposed a similar project. And now the piggish grunting of Marcochino labeling any protester as a criminal. 

The pattern? "Some are more equal than others." They--the pig-hyenas in present charge of the scumfest--can feel the tremors and they...are...scared. Terrified. The oligarchy castle is crumbling and they fear the hordes' revenge. Think I'm exaggerating? As Robin Williams once quipped about South Africa and its president P.W. Botha: There's a whole lot more of them than there are of you. We outnumber them...and it's about time We made them pay the price of their machinations. 

Because the people can become in a mob. And unless something major happens, something large enough to defuse the anger and fear, the mob will emerge.

Sadly, I predict that what will curb the mob's emergence will be the putative end of the government job slashes. In which case, the mob will emerge later...beyond any control.

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

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The Insider said...

Terrorists. One should always be very careful when they "label" someone else. People have a tendency to end up fitting the imposed descriptions... What will be the result of this loose lipped politico's words?

Give others a good reputation to live up to?