14 October 2009

#1 and #2

Tomorrow, the stage is set for a "massive" protest, with unions and unemployed and truck drivers and even an archbishop to gallivant and parade and strut and shout and screech and whine and threaten and lock down the Metro area to, in the words of the clueless, "take back the government" and in the words of the mindless "stop the government's abuse."

To the "lesses," here's the skinny, straight from The Jenius: You will accomplish nothing. Bupkus. Zilch. Diddly-squat. No. Thing.

Why? Because you're aiming at the wrong target...and you're waaaaay too late.

Let's ignore the flight of Thomas "Tantrum" Rivera from Our shores as the situation he helped engender gets uglier. He learned from Pedro Stupid Rosselló that one gets out when one has whiffed the feces cumulonimbus rising to meet the rotating whirly-thingy. Let's ignore The Larva's children leaving the Island, as Our (non)governor evades the issue of whether We are safe or not by proving egg-sactly what he thinks. Let's ignore the unions, the truck drivers, the lawyers, the cops, the cops' lawyers, the anti-banker backlash and the party atmosphere of a day off with pay for some while others face no more paychecks for several months.

Let's ignore all that because it is--absolutely--irrelevant. The basic premise of this protest is garbled by self-serving and self-deluded "leaders," but it boils down to two irrefutable points:

1) The government fired some workers.

2) Because of that, We are fucking scared.

Every stated "reason" for this protest that isn't #1 or #2 on My list is nothing--nothing--but a mealy-mouthed, hypocritical mouth fart. Why? Because every other reason except My #1 and #2 has been around for years, if not decades...and We have put up with it.

"Government abuse"? Ask those who lived through carpeteo, got "removed" from their jobs for being the wrong (party) color or had to deal with acephalic atriopores masquerading badly as government officials.

"Stupid government decisions": See "Puerto Rico, 1947-yesterday." For further reference, see the shortest book ever written: "Puerto Rico Status Discussions That Brightened Our Future."

"Government expenses": Who put "them" in charge of making Us pay for their porcine expenses and lavish parasitism? Yeah, that's who.

"Bankers ruining Us": Specifically, Banco Popular, a long-time target of Jenius insight. Who elected the idiots that got into bed with them? On the other hand, who chose to live an "Easy loans! Credit Cards! Buy! Buy! BUY!" lifestyle that made this bank the center of Our interest (rates)? And Let's not forget, Banco Popular got $940 billion in TARP funds and is still trading at under $2 a share...but they will get to replace Treasury offices closing soon! Like you care. Like you cared when this same financial outhouse invested--lent--billions of dollars of Section 936 funds outside of Puerto Rico...Remember those high interest rates for loans? How do you like 'em now?

"Assault on Our dignity": Really? NOW this whole cosmic clusterfuck assaults Our dignity? That's like Nicole claiming O.J. killing her was "the first time he ever hurt me." We have been smacked, sacked, trampled, tricked, tortured, robbed, bloodied, lambasted and skewered by generations of low-browed thieves and scumbags and We put up with it because We applauded when "Our thief-scumbag" did it to "Them." We cheered when "Our horse's ass" shat upon "Them." We cackled with insane glee when "Our pederast" replaced "Their rapist." And in all that applauding, cheering and cackling, We somehow didn't notice that We were getting screwed every time.

Yes, We are fucking scared. The Great Government Teat of Self-Serving Sour Milk has gone dry, has been removed from Our mindless maws and We are screeching like soul-dead demons. The haves--the now-smaller group of haves--is facing the reality that the gap with the have-nots so cleverly disguised for decades is now a chasm even an archbishop can see. And thus the gig is definitely up.

We are already too late protest. That level of activity had a window that slammed shut back when two stupid men were shot by viciously stupid policemen. Since then, We've been largely spectators in a victimization society, both observers and victims, sheep watching wolves fleecing "others," unwilling to see that "they" are also "Us."

Who's the target We should be aiming at?

Even We can figure that out now... But We don't want to.

It sucks to grow up and learn to accept responsibility, right?. 

Like We have a choice...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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