13 January 2010

U.S. = P.R.

You can, mathematically, prove that U.S. = P.R.  Not in the sense of algebra and variables and formulas, but in actual numbers, in the relationships between figures that tell a story of incompetence and imminent downward spiral.

At some point between 2007 and 2008, the U.S of part of A. hired one more government worker than there were goods producing workers, and with the situation getting significantly worse in 2009, you can prove that--yes--the U.S. = P.R.

Puerto Rico passed that threshhold in the 1980s, when manufacturing jobs started to drop and later cemented the "parasite vs. producer" doldrum when the elimination of Section 936 in the mid-1990s further gutted the local manufacturing shambles. That means We've spent the better part of 30 years in a situation where We have more paper pushers than producers, more egregious bureaucrats than economic builders and more graft than growth.

For what else can an economy stuffed with bureaucrats do except generate graft?

Unconvinced? Okay, try this syllogism for size:

Point A: Is Our government too big? Of course it is. Our budget is too small to pay for it, when essentially 84% is just for salaries and benefits. That means We have too many people in Our sorry excuse for a government.

Point B: When a government has more workers than it needs, is it because of merit? In other words, are all those workers deserving of being on Our dime? Of course not. It's Our money and there are too many government workers. We're not a charity, We're a society (most of Us...okay, some of Us) of taxpayers and We are FAR from getting Our money's worth.

Point C: When too many people work in government, does efficiency and effectiveness improve? No. And if you doubt that, you find the proof to prove Me wrong. I'll give you until 2028, so take your time.

Point D: SO when too many people make a government ineffective and inefficient, what form of transaction emerges and grows to "make government work"? Graft. Corruption. Fraud. 

Does that mean that the U.S of part of A, is headed towards an increase in graft, corruption and fraud? Uh-huh. Like a sewer rising when Congress flushes.

Yep, I have a way with words.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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