26 January 2010


anosmia: n., 1. a lack of functioning olfaction, or in other words, an inability to perceive odors; 2. syndrome persistently seen in statehood supporters on the Island of Puerto Rico.

Something smells rotten here.

By "here" I mean My Island, specifically, at the upper levels of Our (non)government. And the stench, wafting stronger in the trade winds, seems to be coming from the State Department, to be precise, one Kenneth "Filthy Scents" McClintock, erstwhile bullet-dodger with a very large target pinned to his corpus.

I said "corpus," not "corpse."

The kicking of the maggoty meat upwind comes in the form of recommendations by the Special Independent Prosecutor that slapped Jorge "Il Castrao" De Castro in irons, Ernie Cabán, that ex-senator Carlos Díaz be investigated for possible charges of fraud during his tenure.

And who, The Jenius jocularly asks, is closely related in function to both Carlos "Soft Ground, Soft Head" Díaz and Il Castrao? Why, "Filthy Scents," of course. Did you expect a trick question?

It seems that when it comes to smelling what's rotting, statehooders have anosmia, a tin nose, a blind set of nostrils, if you will, so long as the subject in question is one of their own. Statehooders and their party """"leaders"""" (extra quotation marks added for sarcastic, cynical and mocking emphasis--here, I'll throw in a few more: """""""leaders""""""") were anosmic to the max in the charnel-house fetidness surrounding one Pedro Stupid Rosselló, a prosecutorial cleaning of Augean Stables proportions with over 45 convictions.

Now commonwealthers have the same syndrome, but Let's face it, they have less stench in their charnel-house latrines than statehooders have in theirs. The difference in degree of stench may be between "grossly revolting" and "gag an ageustic maggot," but it's definitely there.

Some 12, maybe 13 weeks from now, We'll hear the news that the stench some off Us with normal noses have been twitching away from since Il Castrao sashayed into the local F.B.I. office and dared them to arrest him--which they did several weeks later--has been revealed as arising from the corpus of one "Filthy Scents" McClintock, Secretary of State of Puerto Rico.

Corpus, not corpse. Though you can't really tell by the smell...and statehooders never can.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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