24 January 2010

Hiring, Firing, Hiring More

This won't take long...

Back in June of last year, Our (non)governor, Luis "The Larva" Fortuño, Puerto Rico's answer to the question "What is a waste of space?', tried to fire a slew of government workers. Amongst those targeted to be dropped from the public dole--I mean, "payroll to the dole"--were some 5,400 school janitorial workers. The drop was notable for 2 reasons:

1) Most public schools were largely deprived of janitorial staff (about 3,500 were let go), sort of like firing the mechanics of a 2009 NASCAR team that races with Model T Fords and square wheels...and uses cat pee for fuel.

2) Then-secretary of (mis)education Carlos "Long Ton(gue)" Chardón opened his yaphole to blame the firings for the schools not being ready in August, ignoring the blatant fact of the schools lacking teachers, textbooks and technology and awash in the first wave of a swine flu outbreak.

In short, the almost 3,500 workers that were fired to save money--to save money, people--have been "saved" by an agreement between the union and the (non)government and are to be rehired in the next few weeks.

Rehired...so that private companies would not take over the sacred duties of school cleanliness.

And the other 1,900 targeted for dismissal this summer? Not. They'll stay on, too. And where, pray tell, is the money coming from to pay for these once-unneeded government employees? Who cares? The Larva obviously doesn't, the Fools are incapable of caring about anything but themselves and We, well We're too busy in front of Our plasma TVs or angling to get a plasma TV to pay any attention to mere janitors. Even 5,400 of them.

I said it before and I'll say it again: The Larva will be lucky to trim the government payroll of 10,000 workers. He will, in fact, actually increase the government payroll as he and his (non)administration cut a few jobs here and there, but allow consultants, "special advisors" and public-private alliances to attach themselves to Our tax monies like multibucal leeches on an inflamed aorta.

Too bad We have to wait until 2012 to fire The Larva and his (non)administration. 

The Jenius Has Spoken. 


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